A/N – Don't read too much into this…well, I guess you can decipher it however you want.

The one,

Of my dreams is right in front of me.
I have to grab my chest to get a breath of air.
They take me breath away.
Their eyes,
their lips,
both perfect.
They know me like no other.
They get me and I get them.
No explanation of it,
it just is.
The whole world stops when I look into their eyes.
I can't think about anything but them.
How did this little crush turn into so much?
They know how to make me smile;
they know it all.
I can't believe I'm saying this,
but I'm falling for this person.
I promised I would never fall for someone else,
Yet here I am.
How magnificent they are.
And they have no idea.
They mean so much to me.
They sweep me off my feet.
They're like no other.
They make my heart skip a beat;
Make me feel things I thought I didn't want to feel again.
I want to know everything about them.
I want to get closer to them.
I want to touch their heart like no other.
I keep hoping I'll get the chance.
How amazing we could be together.
They are beautiful, perfect
I can't possible say it enough.

Yet, they have no clue.