Authors Note:
Okay this is a Christmas letter all my friends are getting. I took out all the names, and all the hints on who someone might be from nicknames, and stuff. I need my readers to review my letter. Tell me what you like about it, and what you don't like. A lot of the things I say in here are inside jokes that I doubt most of you will understand, but that's why thei inside jokes. Please tell me what you think. If you knew me well enough to be my friend how would you like to recieve this card.
Thank You, and Merry Christmas!
Tathwem Essenuejal

Merry Christmas my friends,

If you are receiving this Christmas "card" (This isn't exactly a card but I wouldn't
know what to call it), then you can safely assume that you are a special friend that I am
honored to have in my life. The names on the list are people who received the "card", and
underneath each name is a reason why they received this "card", outside of just being my
friend. I put the names in alphabetical order by last name so there is no bias at all, there
wouldn't be one anyway, but I figure this is the safest way to remove all doubt. Also none of the descriptions are more important than the other. I need all of your talents equally.

To Friend A:
To the funniest friend I have. You always find some way to make people smile in the saddest of times. What you say isn't always appropriate, but funny nonetheless. Keep making people smile, and you will go a long way in life. Everybody needs a laugh, and if everybody could be friends with you, everyone would have the chance to smile.

To Friend B:
You are most certainly my most spontaneous friend. Always coming up with random
thoughts at the strangest times, when their seems to be no reason for them what so ever
(hence spontaneous, but you understand). Sometimes you can just leave people
wondering, "How did she come up with that?" as if there is some kind of logic to it. This
causes them to completely forget what they were thinking about in the first place, and
enjoy time just wondering, "How?" I always look forward to your spontaneous thoughts;
they make my day in a hysterical way.

To Friend C:
The most innocent friend I've ever had. Your innocence is almost paralleled to that of a child. If it weren't for a person who will remain anonymous (his nickname around this time of year is "Something from a Christmas song") you would probably be as innocent as a child. Then again you're probably more innocent than my first graders. That innocence makes me feel young again (well younger because 16 isn't that old; though Ms. D doesn't help me feel young, "the nineties were almost more than ten years ago"). It brings me back to a much simpler time of bliss. To have that now in such a complicated world is a blessing.

To Friend D:
The most reliable of all my friends out there. No matter what kind of mood your in I can always rely on you to always like the same things (like a dude in a polo shirt) and dislike the same things (like me in my Glenn Stewart shirt). It makes my life a lot easier having a friend I can rely on to be consistently predictable. I can always rely on you to strike up an interesting conversation. I'd most rely on you to help me out of a bad situation. I can also rely on you to explain Ms. K's jokes to me (I'm getting better at understanding now :)). Without you freshman year would have been quite a drag. I just wish we could get together, and talk more this year, because are damn schedules made it so we don't share any classes (I bet your proud of me for saying damn).

To Friend E:
My friend with the best personality. I have never once seen you judge a person. You give everyone a fair chance at being a friend. Despite your nickname your are the farthest person from being "a certain adjective". You have a way of being a positive influence on everyone around you. Shame is a word you barely know. Despite how awkward some things can get you put yourself out there and open yourself up to embarrassment. Even though your face turns scarlet from the embarrassment you would do it all over again. It takes someone special to do that.

To Friend F:
For being the strongest person I know. Despite how crappy a situation is you pull through. You fight against what you don't want to do (even though sometimes you shouldn't). You're always there to protect your friends, and family (or at least the family you like) when they need you. You come ready to fight. You act tough but you got a soft inside man and that's what's so special about you. What's that? You didn't want to be the strongest? What did you expect, the most redneck? Sorry that title belongs to me.

To Friend G:
The most complicated of all my friends. Between you, and Friend F I get worn out. It's always one adventure after another with you, and it is rather fun. You also help me to realize my own potential, which just makes you awesome. You also have great advice (usually. I never know what's up your sleeve, which sometimes is scary, but you mostly take the physical abuse out on Friend F so it's okay. ). If it weren't for you, and Friend D in bio last year the class would have been hell (all those power strokes).

To Friend H:
Last, but certainly not least my most creative friend; a true blue writer. A writer who brings out what she believes through the characters of other stories. You are always thinking of these great ways to get things done. You're even creative with the littlest possible things. It just makes my day. Who doesn't like a little creativity in their life? It most certainly adds to the spice of life. When my computer doesn't freeze on your profile page on fan fiction I'll read your stories (keep your fingers crossed).

If it weren't for you guys my life would be pretty dull. I just have to say despite the awkwardness this may causeā€¦ I LOVE YOU ALL! I don't care that what I am about to say is politically incorrect, but if you guys know how I feel about politics then you know I don't really care. So Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Glad tidings I bring to you, and your kin, glad tidings for Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Okay that was slightly overboard. Oh well. Merry Christmas!

Tathwem Essenuejal