Did you ever felt like you couldn't understand what you'd become? Well, I did. I was one of the well-known soldiers in Argos… but it all changed.

Chapter 1
Ten Years Ago…

It happened ten years ago. We were in the Dark Kingdom of Argos, England. My sister and I were in a deep battle with an evil being.

Sara, my sister, the tall one with long blonde hair, was a famous hero of Argos. She has battled many a foe. She has the same fighting blood as our father, who was a famous hero, long before we were. I was always tailing behind, because I was less strong than my sister.

Sara and I went inside the castle, hoping to find the evil Queen. However, we were sidetracked by many Lizard Men, cloaked in silver armor, and are the scaly red kind. Sara and I valiantly defeated them, like it was nothing, but the leader wanted to challenge the hero.

"You dare defeat my soldiers, young fools?" The Lizard leader asked, "I will destroy the both of you!"

"I don't think so!" Sara said, in heroic bravery, "We finish this now!"

Just then, a black shadow flew past us. Sara witnessed it.

"Miranda, take care of this freak while I'm gone," Sara said to me, "I know you can do it."

"What? I can't do it!" I said in fear.

"Trust me. I believe in you. Take care of him and I'll meet you there," Sara said.

And just like that, she left to go after the evil being, leaving me to clean up her mess… as I battled the evil Lizard Leader.

"Oh, look," the Leader bellowed, "Argos has a very wimpy fighter left. You may have defeated many of my foot soldiers, but you can never defeat me."

"That's what you think, knave," I cried.

I battled with the Lizard Leader. He lunged at me with his mace. But I dodged out of the way and swung my sword onto his chest, easily, and screamed. The lizard leader fell dead. I was ecstatic.

"I… I did it!" I cried out, "I better meet up with Sis!"

Sara met the evil being, and she confronted her, up in the corridor.

"That's far enough, Sorceress! You won't escape this time!" Sara shouted to the Sorceress.

"That's what you think," the Sorceress said, "If you want me, come and get me."

Just like that, the Sorceress vanished in thin air.

"She's headed up to the throne room," Sara said, "I got her surrounded."

Sara ran upstairs to the throne room, and found her. She and the Sorceress confronted each other and battled all the way to the throne room. The sorceress launched a wave of dark energy at her. Sara jumped out of the way and clashed with her. But in the end, she took out the Sorceress with a swift blow… but, it seems that the evil sorceress was defeated easily. Something wasn't right.

Meanwhile, I ran up to the castle, and saw what transpired. I heard a noise, and ran upstairs.

"I will end you once and for all!" Sara shouted, as she pointed her sword at the evil Sorceress, who's on the ground.

"No! It's not over yet!" The Sorceress said, as she pulled out a ring.

The Sorceress started chanting softly, as the ring began to glow. Suddenly, the ring gave out a burst of energy that blasted Sara, flying her to the wall. Sara fell in a thud, and struggled to get up.

"You're finished, heroine of Argos!" The Sorceress said, with an evil chortle.

Her ring glowed again, and in an instant, she blasted Sara in extreme force.

I ran up the stairs, hoping Sara is okay, but then, I heard an explosion. Knowing it could be Sara is in danger, I hurried to the throne room.

Sara fell unconscious, as the Sorceress laughed evilly. "At last! She has been defeated! You know you can never win. My Ring of Pharos cannot be defeated. Now the mighty Heroine of Argos has been defeated."

"Sara!" I called from far away.

"Hmm… it seems she's left," The Sorceress said, "But knowing she will suffer the same fate as you, real soon. She's not worth my time… Rest in peace, fool!"

The Sorceress disappeared, as I enter the room. The minute I stepped in, I found Sara on the floor unconscious.

I cradled her around me, and tried to wake her up.

"Sara! No!" I cried, "Don't die on me!"

Sara woke up, but is in constant pain. She grabbed my arm, and told me what happened, "Miranda… I couldn't defeat her," Sara said weakly, "She was too strong for me… I…"

"Sara, please," I said, "Don't speak no more. Who did this to you?"

"Miranda, there is one thing… left," Sara continued, "You must… defeat her. If you don't, then she will take over Argos."

"Sara, I don't understand," I said in concern, "I don't think I-."

"Mi… ran… da…" Sara said, as she started losing breath, "I believe… in you. Don't forget… about… me…"

"What are you talking about?" I cried.

I started to tear up, as Sara started to grab her sword.

"Here," Sara said, as she gave me her sword, "You use this for good luck. Do it for… my friends… my family… and… and Argos."

"Your sword?" I asked, "But… why?"

She croaked, "I believe in you… Miranda."

Sara's hand fell to the ground, as she died.

I broke down and cried, knowing my sister, the hero of Argos, is dead. I cried out her name many times, "SARA!"

It was the last time, I ever saw her.

And thus began the events that made me what I am… a great hero.

Miranda's Adventure