Kandy Potter returned to her father, Uncle Potter; after she told him about the wonderful adventure she had, she decided that she wanted to travel the world. Old Man Potter agrees and decided to upgrade her.

Currently, Kandy is with Mike & Cassandra Barberger in North Argos, and has been taking care of them ever since. It seems she owes a favor to them after she & her friends were saved by the couple.


Erika Avery returned to Norris as a hero. She told everyone how she took vengeance on her father's death. She told the story about Queen Isabella being destroyed by her and Miranda. She'd never told a soul about Meiko, however.

Erika was honored as Norris famous hero. She still remembers the fun she had with Miranda, but she also remembers Nick Haskett, who she met in Desert Combs. Erika & Nick later competed in an Archer's Tournament, in which she won and Nick was placed in 2nd. After the Tournament, they have been seeing each other. Despite not confessing she loved him, she still hanged with him.


As for Miranda Maynard, she remained at home for the time being. She promised she'll train Emily when she finishes school, but she has a lot to learn. Miranda & Emily were inseparable, they did the chores together.

Miranda got over Sara, but still remembered Hanemore. She hopes that one day she'll meet her father face to face. And when that day comes…


Miranda stood on the tall hill, held up her sword, and cried, "For Argos!"

The End