Seemingly endless, you stopped me in your dreams,
held my hand and took me to a place I cannot find.
There is still sand in my hair and a bruise on my knee.
I did not ask for this. I am caught in you, unable to
ask for help and too embarrassed to explain it to anybody.

I asked David where you went but all he said was, "I
haven't heard from him in months." What kind of person
have I become? I dance in glitter and obscene Halloween
costumes but still I cannot face my fears. In theory I
am a disaster. I only dance when nobody is watching.

Don't think I forgot what it was like. What a monster you
are to fly away, when all along I believed you were hanging
from copper wires, and that I was a bird, but all along I
am hanging, and you are the bird, and I am left behind. This
adventure ended long ago.