Everyday I'd wait,

In that stingy room to see

Whether or not,

Was he there to be?

At 6 in the eve

When the sun set,

Through all the days

Dry or wet.

I'd look for his sign,

Either bike or shoes,

Out in the parking

With sprinkling blues.

Somedays he came

The rest he dint

Upset with this flick

I had no hint…..

A few days back

I came across,

Hs jest on net

And was gone for a toss…

In the spur of jus to days

He'd fly away,

Far from me

I had nothing to say.

Who would listen?

Not even the closest of friends,

So clasped at my faith

Dreading the end….

I hope he's fine

And would also do good

As an endless flow of responsibilities,

Have come over his head.

I have to tell you

Please don't forget

The look on my face,

Its bliss at your presence,

And fear on your absence…

Those longing eyes

That keep waiting so long

For just one sight,

And you'd be gone…..