High school never ends (for my brother that is)

Repeating the grade is horrible

Especially if you're a senior

You're just waiting to get that diploma

But they don't call your name

(That must suck!)

Luckily you're not a senior

You're a junior

And you're not FAILING

(At least your little old sister hopes!)

You've got another year to go before your butt is in the real world

Kinda scary if you ask me

Hopefully you'll make it

Because you're the only one with a car

But remember if you need help in English

I'm right here for you

Spanish, not so much because the only thing I can say in Spanish is:

No hablo Espanola

So you're sunk there bud

The whole point of this poem is to let you know

To never give up,

To believe in yourself,

And to never, ever, quit

Because High school never ends

(For you that is)