Grass. Grass. And then more grass. The thought kept repeating in Delaney Cole's head. As she looked out her bedroom window, she couldn't help but think how Texas was nothing like Los Angeles. The sky was a clear blue, totally pollutant–free and actually pleasing to look at. Countryside mansions accented by willowy trees filled her cone of vision. She could hear the birds chirping and the laughter of children playing on the streets. Gone were the jarring noises of the train's wheels screeching to a stop and the impatient honking coming from cars.

She shook her head as she strode to her study table and slung her bag over her arm. She couldn't believe that her mom decided to move to Texas on her senior year. Worse, today was the start of the second semester, and that meant she had to make a life for herself in the span of four, five months. It had been her father's fault as to why her parents were in the process of getting a divorce, so why did she and her mom have to leave LA, the place where she was born and raised? She rolled her eyes. Her father was truly a bastard for cheating on her mom, and her mother had been too much of a coward to defend the two of them. So here they were, living in an abandoned mansion which her mother's parents left for their only child. The house was quadruple the size of their old home, but it was too big it made her feel lonely.

"Delaney!" Her mother shouted from downstairs, cutting her train of thought. "You're going to be late for school!"

"I'm coming!" She let out an irritated sigh. "I'm coming!"

When she took one, huge gulp to calm her nerves down, she nodded her head and walked down the spiral staircase of her new home, one she'd been living in for just a week. Then, she languidly made her way to the kitchen, gave her mother a small smile, and reached over for two slices of bread before she started making her breakfast sandwich.

"Don't be nervous," her mother said, attempting to soothe her, but with the way Delaney rolled her eyes, it was obvious it wasn't working. "You'll make new friends."

"But I'm happy with my old ones," she said which was the truth.

Back in Los Angeles, she had her close group of friends. They might not have been the gods and goddesses of her old high school, but she loved the fact that her group just 'floated' around. They weren't admired, yet they weren't looked down on. They just…floated, and that was exactly how she wanted things to be, but not anymore. She sighed thinking she was probably going to be a 'nobody' now. They'd probably laugh at her for transferring in so late, and possibly, for living in a mansion that needed some serious fixing. She then let out a groan and hoped that she'd at least get through the day unscathed.

Cutting her train of thought short, Delaney shook her head back to reaility, grabbed her bag which was lying on the kitchen counter, and walked out of the house, but not before she gave her mom a small wave 'goodbye'. Once she was out the door and at the front steps of the mansion's entrance, she dug inside the pockets of her jeans and took out her car keys.

"At least there's one good thing that came out of the divorce," she said, walking over to her fire red Mustang.

Delaney knew that the car just served as her mother's make–up gift. What she was apologizing for? The fact their family was messed up. They were miles and miles away from her father who was, at the moment, probably fucking his long–time girlfriend. How her father managed to hide his two–year relationship with his secretary was still a mystery to Delaney. Then, she shook her head. It was useless thinking about her father, so with one, final nod, she turned on the engine of her car and drove off to her new school, Krait High.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Delaney heard the girl stutter out. "I didn't mean to!"

It all started when she was walking down the hallway on her way to her homeroom class. She was inspecting her surroundings, floating around just like what she usually did back in Los Angeles. In her mind, she was segregating her school mates into the different stereotypes she had grown used to, soon realizing that Krait High was just like her old high school. It had its own social hierarchy, and it had been all too easy for her to distinguish the popular people from the non–popular ones since the former acted like the hallways were their sole territory. They made it hard for people to pass through since they took up so much space, and in addition to that, they shouted, laughed, and cursed like everyone was just dying to hear what they were talking about. Oh, and who could forget the letterman jackets and cheerleading uniforms they all wore? Those were a dead giveaway. Then, out of the blue, someone knocked her off her feet, literally, and sent her stuff flying all around her. When Delaney came back to her senses, she saw a petite girl gathering her stuff before returning them back to her, muttering out sincere apologies repeatedly and endlessly in the process.

"I'm really sorry!" she pressed on. "I wasn't looking, and I knocked you and–"

"It's okay," Delaney said, tilting her lips upward into a small smile. "I wasn't looking too."

Then, a brilliant idea came to her mind, and her small smile turned into a full-on smirk, but then she saw the way the girl stiffened up in front of her, and all of a sudden, said girl looked like she was fearing for her life. Realizing that her smirk might have been a little bit too much, Delaney turned it down and instead settled upon giving the girl a small smile. One look at her and Delaney knew this girl couldn't be part of the popular crowd. She lacked the confidence, the pride even, which many of the usually popular people, aka those assholes, held dearly to them. Perfect, Delaney thought, just perfect. This girl could be her first new friend in this new town.

"Why'd you look so scared?" She couldn't help but chuckle a little. "I was just going to ask if you'd want to be my friend…" Delaney then said, realizing how the girl looked like she wanted to run away. "Only if it's okay with you of course. I'm new here, and I'm...kind of...yeah, in need of someone."

Then the girl, Delaney still didn't know her name, breathed out a sigh of relief before nodding her head and introducing herself.

"Sure. I'm Kennedy by the way, and you are?" she then asked, her smile reaching the tips of her ears. "Nice to meet you."

"Delaney, but you can just call me Lane," she then replied, grinning back.

Then, they fell silent. Each one was waiting for the other to speak up. Delaney noticed how Kennedy was nervously playing her fingers and came to the conclusion that this girl was just too shy. God, she really missed her old friends. They were wild, fun, but not too over the top, but hey, Kennedy was friendly, so she couldn't really complain.

"You don't talk much, do you?" Delaney then said, hoping to lighten up the mood. "How about you show me around? Unless of course there's somewhere else you have to be."

"I was just waiting for a friend, but–" she stopped mid–sentence, looking at something past Delaney's shoulders. "She's here."

And before Delaney could turn around to take a glance at Kennedy's friend, a screeching voice jarred their ears.

"Hey Ken, new friend?" she asked, bouncing up and down in her cheerleading uniform, and Delaney couldn't help but notice how first, the girl standing before was just gorgeous, and second, how a cheerleader could be so nice to a new student. Then, Starr faced Kennedy with a smile. "I hope you aren't going to replace your best friend, Ken. I'd be wounded."

"Never," was Kennedy's reply. "Oh, Starr, this is Delaney by the way. She's new in town, so–"

"Well then, welcome to our very small group!" She then enveloped Delaney into a bone–crushing hug. "I hope you're liking Krait so far."

Delaney grinned and shook her head. So far, Kennedy and Starr were the only two people she had met, and in her opinion, they'd be good company, maybe great even, but it was still too soon to give an answer. Class hadn't even begun yet, and the day just started.

After a few more introductions and small talk, Starr, Kennedy, and Delaney went their separate ways, but not before deciding to meet up at the cafeteria around noon since they shared the same lunch period. When Delaney was alone once again, she breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the heavens for giving her an uninteresting morning. That was just what she needed, and she hoped the rest of the day stayed that way.

Her morning classes had been uneventful, just as she expected. Being a new student, she was forced to introduce herself in each of her classes, and she was sure that she had bore all of her classmates. She said the usual things – her name, hobbies, and interests, nothing interesting – and left off the part where her parents were getting a divorce since her father cheated on her mom with his secretary. By the time lunch came around, Delaney had no idea where the cafeteria was. She didn't only look lost but stupid as well, walking around aimlessly and with a 'huh' expression on her face. Sure, she had asked a bunch of the people in the hallways to teach her where to go, but she had never been good at directions in the first place, so she was lost, walking around and cursing herself for looking like an idiot.

She then decided to just follow the wave of people that seemed to be heading in one direction, and she just hoped that they were going to the canteen. Apparently, she was too focused on trying to find the familiar faces of Kennedy and Starr that she ended up hitting her head against a masculine chest and before she could fall butt first onto the floor, toned arms wrapped around her small 5'3" frame, saving her from humiliation.

She realized she owed this guy big time. Or so she thought.

She was about to say 'thank you' since it was just right to be gracious. The guy had saved her from an embarrassing fall anyway, but the moment she looked up and noticed how her 'savior' looked at her quite suggestively, her lips immediately turned down into a frown. She just knew that this guy was going to hit on her. All of the horny guys were like that.

"I like what I see," his playful voice said to her. He still hadn't let go of his hold on her waist. "Can I have your name?"

Delaney couldn't help but roll her eyes. Even if she just floated around back in her old high school, she believed she looked decent enough to catch the attention of a number of guys. She had had a string of boyfriends back in Los Angeles, and she had lost her virginity to one of them, but she wasn't like the popular girls she disliked, excluding Starr. That one time she had sex, she truly loved the guy. She was just too blinded by the guy's charm to realize he had just been playing with her. Unlike the usual 'goddesses' of high school who just gave their v–cards away to anyone attractive, Delaney had more self–control, self–respect, and dignity, so that one time, she had really been in love, and she realized later on that it had been a mistake. The guy standing in front of her, she just knew, was nothing different from the other guys who thought they were God's gifts to women, and thus, could play around with said women and leave them the moment they were done. The guy whose chest was pressed up against her own was no different from the rest of the male species, the attractive male species of course.

"Didn't your mom already give you one when she gave birth to you?" she asked, trying to release herself from his hold but he didn't budge. "Let me go."

"Or what?" he asked, his blonde hair slightly covering his emerald–colored eyes, and Delaney easily came to the conclusion that this guy was attractive, more than attractive even. The guy was just fucking handsome. "I love feisty women. You're perfect."

Before she could respond to what he said by way of a bunch of profanities, a feminine voice beat her to it, and when she turned around, she came face to face with one of the most gorgeous women she'd ever seen. She was even more beautiful than Starr, and that meant a lot. Whoever this girl was, she had the lightest brown hair and a striking pair of china blue orbs. She was about seven inches taller than Delaney was, so it wouldn't be an understatement to say that said girl could easily be mistaken for an Abercrombie model. The only thing that wasn't model–like of her was the fact that she had curves and lots of them.

Then, Delaney rolled her eyes. This girl standing in front of her – she was living proof of why she wasn't keen on communicating with the bitches back at her old high school who just spread their legs wide open in front of any guy. Apparently, this girl was worse or, probably, the worst out of all of them. Whoever the whore was, she had four guys standing at her side, and all those four were just breathtakingly gorgeous. She probably had had sex with all of them with the way she stood so comfortably around the men. She didn't even look the least bit nervous that she was at the center of a pack of beautiful males, and that was probably because she'd seen all of them naked and vice versa. maybe she was just jealous that the girl was being surrounded by the most handsome of handsomest men she'd ever seen, but the girl was still a major flirt, and that was that.

"Marco, public fornication so early in the morning?" The woman said, her voice teasing as her eyes trailed down to Marco's arm which was still around Delaney's waist. "At least Caleb and Anna have the decency to do it in a classroom."

Marco, apparently that was his name, let out a loud chuckle before he unwound his arms from Delaney's waist and turned to face the woman at the center of all the guys.

"Jealous, Sienna?" That was her name – Sienna – and Delaney noticed how her smile grew bigger. "Haven't you gotten over your crush on me? It's been what? Like ten years?"

Then, he spoke up, he who stood right beside Sienna. If Marco was gorgeous, there were no words to justifiably describe the guy who spoke up next. He was perfect, well almost perfect. Delaney knew there was no such thing as perfect, but this guy, whoever he was, was just…there were no adjectives to rightfully describe him. His ebony–colored hair was only the start of a long, seemingly unending list of his enrapturing features. Then, Delaney shook her head. She knew she was attractive, but not so beautiful that she'd get this guy to notice her, so trying to vie for his attention was just useless, and she wasn't going to waste her time fighting for a lost cause.

"Of course, she has," he said, and even his voice was beguiling. "With someone like me, it had just been too easy for Sienna to get over you."

Okay, so the guy was cocky and…he was taken.

"Shut up, dude," Sienna then said, giving her boyfriend a small kiss on the lips. Then, she turned to Delaney, and the latter furrowed her eyebrows and glared at her. "So I'm guessing you're new since I haven't seen you around. Am I right?"

Okay, so maybe she had been too hasty a while ago when she judged Sienna since the girl in question didn't look like a whore, and when Delaney noticed the oversized t–shirt, the skinny jeans, and the bulky Nike Dunks she wore, she realized she was really wrong to label the girl a bitch. This girl wasn't a whore, and she just called her boyfriend 'dude'. Delaney sighed at the realization that hit her. There wasn't anything slutty about Sienna, except for the fact that she was surrounded by the hottest guys of her school, and her boyfriend was the hottest one of them all.

"Yup, I was just looking for the cafeteria when I bumped into…" She turned to face Marco, who licked his lips when they made eye contact. God, okay, so maybe Sienna wasn't so bad after all, but Marco definitely was. "When I bumped into him."

"Oh, Marco? Forgive him," she said, placing an arm on said person's shoulders. "He just needs some woman's attention since none of us are giving him the time of day." Then, Sienna winked at Delaney. "Don't give him what he wants."

Then, Delaney smirked.

"I wasn't planning to."

And then she nodded and just walked away, going back to being a 'floater'.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! As I promised, here's a sequel for y'all!:D I know some of you wanted me to write a sequel focusing on Will/Alex, not Marco, but after careful consideration, I realized Marco was the most dynamic one out of all the three, so here you go! I hope you guys will like this story as much as you did 'One of the Guys'. The next update? Err...maybe in a week.:D