by: Faithmemory


"I like you… I like you a lot…" words that I blurted out of my twitching lips, as I move my eyes away from his.

The orange shades from the afternoon sun colors the entire room. The curtains gently sway away with the tender wind. Here I am, confessing to a guy whom I met just recently… and as I look at his shock face, awkwardness came like a tidal wave.

I touched my soft black hair and felt a bit embarrassed, "Gosh, what will he reply…?" I asked myself desperately. I bowed my head to defy his reaction after I saw his eyebrows raised.

"I—don't know what to say…" I heard him say. He said it confidently yet with a slight of uneasiness.

"How can he be that confident? His voice sounded the same like when he was laughing along with his friend earlier… Is my confession not worth his attention?" I thought, getting more nervous.

He stood up from where he is sited, grabbed his bag, "From what class are you? I think… this is the first time that I have seen you…" he said.

"Ouch… what was that all about…? I'm your classmate!!" I thought looking really offended, "I'm your classmate…" I said meeting his eyes again.

His shock face shows up once more. The silence of the whole room is quite demanding. My ears are hurting because of the quietness around me. We stared at each other for a minute. I'm quite lucky to confess in an empty class room, because this is truly discomforting.

"Oh sorry…" he apologizes as he scratches the back of his head, "What's your name again?"

"It's Miyu…" I replied with annoyance. He doesn't know me yet because he just transferred.

He smiled, "Yeah, Miyu … Nice to meet you!" he said so casually putting his backpack on. The way he greeted me made me happy, at least he's friendly.

"Do you know my name?" he asked again, looking straight in my eyes. It is as if his eyes are telling me to answer appropriately.

"No wait… his name??" I panicked, looking away, "I… don't know his name…" I cried inside my head. I'm such an idiot… I feel pathetic. "How can I not know his name? I like him, don't l?" My head became black automatically, I could think of an answer. "Who the heck is this guy?"

I took a deep breath, "Sorry… I kind of- can't remember your name…" I said, "Stupid! Stupid!! This won't work!!!"

Well, it has been three days since the school resumed from vacation. And, this guy that I am confessing to is a transferred student. So I don't know him well enough. I guess I got over excited, liking him without even knowing his name. Stupidity strikes again.

"What's your name again?" I asked after gathering enough courage to speak again, "I am such a thick-faced."

Surprisingly, he laughed after I asked the question, "its Daiki…" he answered with a huge smile on his face. So carefree. And the orange radiance from the sun shines brightly behind his back.

"Daiki, huh? Such a manly name. And that smile, is really wonderful… Gosh, this guy, I like him a lot…" My nervousness was changed to complete happiness after he told his name.

But, his smile faded so suddenly, "I lied, its Kyosuke… No wait, its Touya…"he begun, "Just joking! its Tamaki. I lied again its Maru. No seriously it's Suke. Ha-ha! Honestly it's Shigure…" he said like a rhyming poetry.

"Huh… What is this, a joke?" I begun asking myself not knowing how to react, "Is he playing tricks on me??! Unbelievable..." He can clearly notice my annoyed face.

Silence was felt again. And it is piercing my ears. His face changes dramatically. And my heart is confused. "Why do I adore a guy like this?!"

"Want to guess my real name?" he begun, with a profound voice, "Pick one… from the names that I had mentioned…" he commanded looking intensely at my eyes with a hideous frown in his face.

The curtain still keeps on floating gently with the summery wind. And the carroty color of the sun, painted his spiky black hair from behind. I couldn't remember the names from what he said. And I couldn't breathe well. I felt something weird inside a feeling like helplessness, and his eyes, his eyes are telling me something.

I gulped down and opened my eyes widely, "Nothing can stop these feelings of mine..." I thought as I open my mouth to say,

"It's Daiki, isn't it...?"

He smirked and offered a handshake, "You guessed it right…"

It was then I realised that love is a wonderful feeling that even the strange people can meet in a way we don't expect. Right now, Love has a new name and that is DAIKI.