sandwich boy
[at the WholeFoods]. do you remember
being11 years old together? and I,
made out with one of your friends?
and you told me the next day,
in the nurses office that
"it would have been better if,
we'd never met."
and then I found you again,
6 years later, outside the
"adult school" [see also:
high school drop out babysitting].
and I saw you, from high up the hill
and thought "is that…". and I'm astounded,
as I get closer to find that it is, you.
and you, smiled brightly when you saw
me, wandering drunkenly down the hill
and shouted "hey (name)!" and I
smiled and, shouted back "hey man!"
and now, 4 yours later, you are back.
and working at the sandwich stand
at the WholeFoods.