Entitled: Playing Hide-And-Seek In Our Dreams

The fire now does nothing
for the pitch dark, but it still crackles
for the silence. My eyes sense disturbance in glass
across the room, and I investigate
out of hope. Out of hope, I return
and sit in reminiscence, next to the lightless burn.

You fly to me, out of nowhere, and I never see
your perfect hiding spaces--you're unstoppable.

Here we go again--so is it my turn to hide?
You stand. You close your eyes. You smile.
I dance in the dark, my love, since you won't
see. It's so easy to hide in the dark--I don't
doubt you'll find me, though; you always
know, and you never show but have your ways.
Maybe my breathing's what gives me away.

After this last game, what do you say we stay
and dance by the fire, in this perfect night,
just you and I, oh, and talk about our dreams--
you agree.