I am the fire
That burns through your soul
Withers you down
Grinds you to ashes like coal

I am the heat
Lingering in your ashes
My tongue whipping forth
In so many fierce lashes

I am the metal
That you keep using as ballast
But sooner or later
I will leave you calloused

I am the ingot
Leaving things well repaired
But one small slip up
And you'll bleed as you're pared

I am the water
That flows fast and cold down
Pelting you endlessly
Letting you drown

I am the ice
Not so likely to flatter
Freezing you as you fall
Letting you shatter

I am the Earth
Seeming to be underneath
But soon I'll surround you
With unyielding heath

I am the dirt
That can never be parried
That will tumble down
That will leave you buried

I am the air
That will blow you away
Robbing your lungs
So that you cannot pray

I am the ozone
That will not sustain you
Enough oxygen
Suffocating you blue

I am the aether
Hanging above your head
Breezing along clouds
Feeding off of your dread

I am the universe
Spread wide and magnificent
Keeping your small life
So fully insignificant

I am the elements
Always surrounding
With beaut grace and yet
Merciless and astounding

I am the components
Buried deep inside
Never leaving you
Giving you nowhere to hide