Depressing, horrible flow and rhythm, maybe a bit too much for me. Probably shouldn't have been writing.

Dying Day

December 21, 2009

When someone dies,
Is it supposed to make you stronger?
When someone dies,
Is it supposed to remind you of life's thin thread?
When someone dies,
Is it supposed to make you want to die, too?

Does it happen in an instant?
Or a slow painful drawl?
Will I see it coming,
Or will I just fall?
Do sounds still sing around you,
Or does the world grow silent?

When you see that empty person,
What are you supposed to feel?
"Can I join you,
Can I see you?
Could we have a cup of tea; in heaven?"
Is it nice?
I wish I could ask.
Do you miss me?
I wish I could know.

It's my fault.
I wish I could deny it.
"You're all alone, now?"
I really wish I wasn't.
In little bits of time,
Life fades away, just a bit.

In little sounds and small progress,
Darkness dances closer.
How close did it dance with you,
Before you realized you were gone?
I know it seemed an instant,
Before I'd even gone,
To know to feel and hear and see,
That I'd been left alone.

And someday maybe, I'll find you again.
Someday we'll share our song,
I know you remember me, I know,
That you would sing along.
The world is strange I can't deny,
But nothing's in our way,
Of dancing, living, loving life,
Until our dying day.