Camp Iwanagohome

Chapter Fourteen

Alex stood up and drew in a deep breath of fresh air. Around him were an assortment of bushes, trees and stretches of deep green grass that expanded as far as he could see. Some of the brush was dotted with spots of light pinks and shades of yellow giving Alex and indication that they were rose bushes. Behind him, a small wood park bench; to his right, a moderate sized water fountain gave its watery sounds and sights. Chirping birds added to the audible ambiance. Looking up, Alex took note of just how blue the sky is, not a light blue, not a deep blue. It was a crisp vibrant blue marked with wisps of puffy white clouds.

"Hey A-bomb." Hearing the familiar voice, Alex whipped around to find Seth in blue jeans and a plain white shirt standing with his hands in the pockets of the jeans. "What. Are you too grown up to hug your own father?"

Without any spoken words, Alex darted over and wrapped his arms around Seth and buried his face in his fathers chest. Seth gingerly brought his own arms around Alex's body and held him close. The boy waited for another trick his mind played on him, yet the moment never came as he looked up to find Seth still clinging to him. "I-I want to believe that you're actually here." Alex whispered staring deeply into Seth's eyes, the motion earned him a smile from his father.

"Believe it." Seth spoke rubbing his hand around Alex's back in a soothing manner.

"Am I...did I...?" This was promptly answered by Seth nodding his head.

"But it's not your time. You can't come over yet."

"What!?! Why not!?! I like it here, I wanna be with you. I don't want to go back if it means not seeing you any more. I need more than ever." Hearing this, Seth glared to Alex's tear filled eyes full of pain and despair.

"I'm sorry kiddo, but that's the way it is. I know it's hard, but you've grown up a lot recently. You're stronger than you ever thought possible. you're at the point hat you don't need me anymore." Seth let go and knelt down before Alex. The boy used a curled hand to wipe the tears from his eyes.

"I need you. I'll always need you! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you."

"I know son, I know. But I'll always be with you, because when you're thinking of me up here..." Seth gently patted two fingers against Alex's temple. "...I'll always be with you here." With this, Seth reached down and patted his hand against Alex's chest at his heart. "Now I've got to get you back before it's too late. Trust me, last thing you want is to stay here in Limbo without anyone else around."

"Before you do, I have to know. D-did it hurt w-when you..."

"No. Didn't feel a thing." Seth shook his head. Alex drew his face into a questioning scrunch as Seth reared back with both arms and gave a powerful thrust to Alex. The boy shrieked as he was shoved off his feet and backwards onto a hospital bed.

Beep. The nurse with her finger on the off switch of the heart monitor did a double take hearing the tone, on the screen was a green line spike followed by a slight pause then another spike and audible beep. Her breaths turned erratic as one by one, machine alarms turned themselves off.

"Doctor?" She called out as the beeping stabilized. The doctor entered with wide eyes experiencing the last thing he expected. Motion caught his attention; looking down, he found Alex twitching his fingers. Cindy and Heather gathered in the doorway to see the sight. Ever so slowly, the boys eyes opened slightly before closing entirely. Cindy gasped unable to take any more surprises.

"There's just no way...!" The doctor grumbled sliding a stethoscope into his ears and listened to Alex's drawn breaths and solid heart beats. He then looked up to everyone around him – their glares questioning and puzzled as the doctor gently gripped Alex's wrist to physically check for a pulse. His eyes widened feeling rock hard pulsations in the boys wrist under his fingers. "No no no, this is impossible. He was..."

"Mom?" Alex whispered barely opening his eyes again. Cindy smiled a forced smile while slowly approaching the bed where the leaned down and gently swept a tuft of hair from his face.

"Yeah baby?" She asked cupping his hand in hers.

"I'm hungry, when's dinner." Alex spoke in a louder whisper with a faint honest grin turning the corners of his lips.

"Real soon Alex. I promise." Heather laughed through her tears knowing Alex hadn't changed at all.

In the span of a few hours, Alex had to endure dozens of tests to ensure his stability. During which all he wanted was to be left alone and eat some food. Ironically enough, as he ate, the doctor wanted to run even more tests, but every time he tried to, Alex would growl deeply and expose his K9 teeth much like a starving dog defending its meal. After a few rounds of the doctor holding his hand out, Alex growling and the doctor retracting said hand, he gave up trying more tests and allowed the boy his space.

Alex tilted his head to one side then the other in a desperate attempt to gain comfort so he could sleep. Dimmed wards and silent halls reminded him of the late hour. A rustling through the door drew his attention, as he looked around, he spotted a lone elderly woman nurse with a few things in her hand.

"Can't sleep?" She asked checking the machines.

"Not really, no. You got something to, you know, help get me there?"

"Yeah sure, no problem, I'll be right back." Alex nodded and the nurse smiled and walked out. A few short moments later, she reappeared with a small syringe in her hand. Alex watched as she slowly approached and slipped the needle into the flesh of his upper arm. Almost instantly Alex felt the effects of the serum as his eyelids grew heavy and his limbs numbed.

"Good night..." The nurse spoke softly at first then slipped into a deeper voice. "...I hope to see you at camp next year." Hearing the abrupt change, Alex forced his eyes to stay open as he lazily tilted his head to the side. A wave of panic overwhelmed him as the lead Raptor dressed in black with a duster and neon green sunglasses let a deviously devilishly evil grin slip across his face. The boys heart rate shot up faster than ever before as the Raptor turned from the machines and walked away at a brisk enough pace for his duster to flutter in his wake. Lumbering steps of the Raptors boots fading into the hallway was the last thing Alex heard as his eyes closed and the forced sleep overtook him.

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