'Twas Christmas Eve, betwixt two knights

A challenge made to set things right

The winner would find Honor! Fame!

Sir Loser would then face great shame

The challenge set, and both agreed

To settle with a grueling deed

Upon a straight and narrow road

Where at the end they would find gold

Knowing this, they charged on fast

While house and farmland all blew past

The racing knights raced on towards Sun

Knowing that when all was done

They'd never have to fight again

For this would be their Final Win

Their horses were both quick to race

Each one pushing the other's pace

Finally, they broke on through the woods

Where at the end some children stood

Not knowing of this frightful race

Nor the danger they would soon face

The knights broke through the trees and saw

The children there, gaping in awe

At the graceful, charging steeds

But none were higher than the knees

Of either horse, and this, of course,

Meant certain death through the force

Of trampling upon their little heads

And coffins would thus be their beds

Seeing this, One of Two knights swerved

While the other charged toward the herd

Of children, who began to cry,

And Sir Knight One then wondered why

Sir Knight Two had continued on

When clearly something was so wrong

So Sir Knight One made his decision

To abort this awful mission

And charged instead at Sir Knight Two

And in his path Sir Knight One flew

Using Self and Steed as shield

Hoping that Sir Knight Two would yield

But Sir Knight Two had no intention

Of ending his important mission

So on he charged toward Sir Knight One

Drawing his sword while on the run

And pointing it at Sir One's neck

Saw nothing else and did not check

The sky, the air, the trees, the ground

For witnesses that could be found

To tell of Sir Two's dirty deed

As he chopped Sir One from his steed

But just before his sword did hit

The sky above was brightly lit

Thus blinding our poor Sir Knight Two

As from the heavens an Angel flew

To stand in front of Sir Knight One

And thus protect everyone

Sir Knight Two's horse thus did balk

As the Angel began to talk

Whispering words in Sir Two's ear

And when he was done there was a tear

On Sir Two's face for he now wept

For the deaths he had almost dealt;

Thinking only of his success

He had become such a mess

Forgetting things like caring, love,

Courage, honor, and Those Above

Who watch all of his mortal deeds

Not just those on this Christmas Eve

So he vowed to Change! Repent!

For all the sins he did commit

So now both he and Sir Knight One

Have found glory in the rising Sun

Because both knights have changed their ways

To helping others for all their days

And the Angel smiled from above

Showering them both with much love

Because the treasure they both found

Did not, in fact, come from the ground

But from their hearts, ending this story

Of two knights on a quest for glory

So you, dear reader, please create

A smile on your Angel's face

By letting your Guardian Above

Know that you'll, also, spread some love

And from the sea to mountains tall

I wish "Merry Christmas" to you, to all.