She laid her head on her arms, sighing. Was there anyone in a worse predicament than her at this moment? What had she been thinking, messing with him as she had – she knew him well enough to be aware that she was headed for trouble, so why had she done it? And now, well… she'd found it, well and truly. And landed herself somewhere she always said she was going to avoid next time… a nice place to be when she hadn't been a brat, but when she had – well, it soon turned rather less pleasant.

He smiled as he adjusted her position across his lap, and at the pout on her lips. They both knew that really, she wanted what he was about to give her – she knew what bratty behaviour would bring, and God knows, he'd warned her, repeatedly. She would claim til she was blue n the face that he was a mean, nasty bastard, picking on poor little her, but really, had she wished to avoid this situation, it wouldn't have been hard.

She squirmed as he rested his large hand on her backside. She was in trouble here, yet… she could not deny she liked the feeling it gave her – her insides were squirming delightedly even as she shifted across his lap. As the hand began to pat gently, she let out a soft groan.

"Like that, do you sweetie?" he asked in amusement, "Well, I'm not too sure you're going to like the next bit too much! Your butt's going to be burning by the time I'm done with you. You really should know better than to push me."

"It's not my fault you have no sense of humour!" she retorted indignantly, letting out a squeak as his hand whacked solidly down on her jeans-seat. "Let me up, you bastard!" Of course, she didn't mean that, didn't mean it at all. If he actually let her up, she'd be well beyond disappointed. Still, she knew that taunting him was not wise; maybe they both were enjoying this, but it didn't mean he wasn't willing to make her rather uncomfortable.

He raised his hand, swatting her firmly across both cheeks, enjoying the way she jumped as he connected. She was already squirming there, but he could tell he wasn't hurting her, not really. His lips turned up as she unconsciously lifted her backside when he stopped, rubbing his hand ever so gently over the surface he had just been slapping. He brought his hand down – hard this time – on each cheek in turn, and was rewarded with the most delightful squeak he'd ever heard. Delighted, he repeated the action, eliciting a stronger response as she squirmed for real.

Her face was fixed in a smile that he could not see, as his hand delivered unto her what she'd been looking for. No doubt he was only just starting – this was a warm up, and she was going to be feeling his displeasure for a while yet, and her stomach trembled with the familiar feeling of anticipation that she felt every time she landed herself over his lap. Lost in her thoughts, she hardly noticed as his hand moved up from where it had been again rubbing her butt. But when it slipped to the button at her waist, she let out a soft yelp… he wasn't, surely? He'd never lowered her jeans before, and she'd assumed he never would.

Perhaps she had gone further than she had thought. She was still new with this – she never could predict what exactly could earn her a quick trip over his lap.

"I don't think my point's quite getting across, dear," He told her mildly as she protested weakly. "Lift your hips up, please." Sliding her jeans over those hips when she did, he smiled, "This situation is becoming all too common, my love… bratty behaviour from now on will get you rather more than you're looking for. There's no point to a punishment if you're enjoying it more than the behaviour that caused it!"

He lifted his hand, spanking hard and fast now, loving the way her bottom looked under his hand. It bounced as she squirmed, and she yelped when he hit a spot that was already beginning to feel tender. He thought that perhaps this time she would heed him - though they both loved having her across his lap, he would not tolerate the behaviour that had been prompting it recently.

"If you want to be across my lap, just ask," he scolded, "the result may be the same as from bratty behaviour, but I promise you that there is a world of difference."

She was surprised by how much more his hand could hurt without the protective layer of denim that had always covered it before now. It impacted, solidly, repeatedly, and she squirmed, trying to avoid the contact. It was much harder to enjoy this as her bottom began to sting, and her actions became dictated by reflex, not control. But she found that she was almost enjoying this in a different way – she felt helpless, lying here, unable to do anything about the fact that she was being spanked, and it felt good. Painful, definitely, and something she would try to avoid in future, but somehow her position felt right in a way it never had before – perhaps this was how one was actually meant to feel when they had done something to cause trouble.

He could see her bottom pinkening under his swats, something that was much easier without jeans. Almost every swat now elicited a yelp – her entire bottom must by this point be feeling most tender. He found that he needed to hold her more firmly as she bucked over his knees, or she would end up throwing herself straight off his lap. Lifting his right knee slightly, he repositioned her backside so he had greater access to the tender underside, and her thighs.

"If you are bored, find something to do other than be bratty," he told her, landing smacks on the top of her thighs and receiving a most emphatic yelp for his efforts, "if you want to be spanked, ask me. If you are bratting because you are bored, young lady, you will be landed with things that you do not like – and I do not mean spanking by that, I'm not foolish enough to think you do not enjoy landing over my lap."

"I'm not… owwwww, that hurttt… enjoying this!" she said indignantly, kicking her feet.

"You're not meant to be," he told her with a smile, focussing his attentions on the curve under her backside, "And that is my point. Bad behaviour may end with you over my lap, but it will not be a session dictated by you, and it will not be an experience that you will wish to repeat regularly, if I am doing my job properly."

Her yelps had by now become almost an unending, drawn out 'owwwww', and he judged that perhaps she understood him. He slowed his spanks, making each one land in a spot where he judged it would particularly burn.

"Are we going to have a repeat of this afternoon's behaviour?" a slap to her left cheek.


"Very good, you got the right answer on the first go," he told her dryly, delivering a few more smacks to her backside to emphasise his message, then pulling her up into his lap, holding her as she squirmed.

She laid her head on his shoulder, quite tired now, but contented. Her behaviour had earned his displeasure, and it was something she did not want to repeat any time soon, but here, safe in her Master's arms, she could stay forever quite happily.