Aaron Chapman was fascinated by this student, Melissa: It's true; he wasn't exactly a veteran, since he was only the new English teacher in the St. Sebastian High School, with less than a couple of months in the place, but it was impossible to ignore the fact that he was enchanted with this intelligent, and yet, shy and modest young woman.

She wasn't like all the other girls in the school: She was always by herself, a lonely spirit, whom seems to enjoy so much more a good and stimulant conversation with the teacher than talking about trivial things like music or celebrities: With such a incredible intellect, she was able to talk about philosophy, history, politics or any other topic, not only unseen in teens, but also in most adults.

Since the moment Aaron and Melissa met in the classroom, there was some kind of tension between them, but it was hard to ignore the age factor, all by the ludicrous social conventions and norms. What the people would say about me? It was a common idea in Aaron's mind. It was inappropriate and unethical for sure, and of course, potentially illegal, but the strange chemistry between Aaron and his student was unique. What are the odds to find someone that can make you feel so…alive? Forget about the age, in general: Maybe once in a lifetime.

And Melissa, that girl gave him signs that she felt the same: A smile, a look, the fact she could talk so easily with Mister Chapman even when no one would hear any other word coming out of her mouth in the rest of the day, or how she was always looking for extra activities or any other excuse to spend more time with his teacher. A young girl just can't pretend of fake that feeling.

Aaron had to meditate and think about it, and finally, he decided to give the first strike and the next step: He invited her student for a new program of "specialization"…in his own house, and she accepted: What a euphemism…

-Hi Melissa! - Aaron said excited yet nervously when he received her student into his home.

-Hi, Mister Chapman.-

-Please, call me Aaron…-

And after "Aaron" said that in the most clichestic way he could say it, he invited Melissa to take a sit in his couch, before checking some "facts" and "papers".

-Mister Chap…I'm sorry, Aaron…I think I know exactly why you wanted to see me.-


-Yes I know: It's impossible to deny what I'm feeling, and…I'm pretty sure you feel the same way about me…right?-

Aaron was surprised: This girl known exactly what she wanted and she looked very self-confident, or at least, more than his teacher; there was no doubt about it, this girl was special.

-Melissa, I want to say that…I love you…-

And then, Melissa was in silence by a couple of seconds, with no idea of how to react, but she finally found what it seemed the right words.

-Really? Is it true?-

-Yes: I don't know how to explain it, and honestly, I don't worry too much about it: It's just the way you are…Your lovely expressions, but specially, your beautiful and mature mind…I can't help myself.- Aaron explained as he took sit in the couch with Melissa, and gently, touching her knee.

-Do you really mean it?-

-Yes! I love you! I want to be with you!-

-Now! Now! - Melissa seemed to yell…at her clock, and in less than a second, a group of armed men enter to Aaron's home by force.

-But what…?-

-Shut your f*cking mouth, you sicko!- Melissa yelled with a more mature voice

-Melissa, what's happening?-

-My name is not Melissa, you pig, and I'm not 15: I'm a police officer, on a mission to hunt sexual predators and paedophiles like you!-

-Oh, you got to be kidding?!-

-Yes, and when you did your "move" with my knee, and I asked you if you really mean it when you said you loved me…well, that was our sign…-

-Can I say one last thing?-

-OK, but fast.-

-If you're not a real teen…Wow, good genes…-

And the officers took Aaron to be judged by his "indiscretions" with a minor (Or well, with a "bait"); Now, he's going to spend the next ten years in prison, where the only human contact would be the "gentle" touch of other inmates and sexual criminals, and the officer Melinda St. Claire was getting ready for her new mission, and the lesson here, children is…

…Illegal stuff leads us to troubles…or something like that…