She slept in a bubble of her own creation. Within it, nothing could touch or harm her. All was as it should be.

The sun always shown from a sky slightly obscured by passing clouds and tall trees. The light filtering through seemed to turn green as it dappled across the ground and water. It was early morning but the sun was hot and evaporated the dew and all around her, the water steamed swirling like tendrils through the air yearning for the sky.

She sat in her boat rocked by the water's current. Her hair was brown and her eyes the same. She wore a white blouse and a purple skirt. She sat for a few minutes, though time to her seemed as hours or days.

Holding her hand to her heart, she breathed in and out absorbing, she thought, the purity of the scene.

The world was quiet there and she smiled as she watched time slip pass her. After a moment, however long such a thing is, she lifted her feet and slid them into the warm water. Minnows swam about her legs as she slowly sank into the water. As the water covered and consumed her, she looked towards the pond bottom with her eyes wide open. The bottom seemed miles away but as clear as day a soft beige sand tone. She swam down a sunbeam following her shadow until it disappeared in a sudden cloud of sediment.

She shifted her weight and her feet came down to meet the pond floor. Weeds, pond grass grew and tangled about her feet tickling her toes as if a nymph were playing with her. She kicked slightly and the weeds receded and permitted her free motion. She swam a few moments more before reaching the surface again.

Her boat had drifted towards the shore and she swam after it. She reached the shore and walked a distance then lay down in a sunny spot to dry. She fell asleep there.


She opened her eyes and pulled a piece of soaked hair from her eyes. The shower had turned cold now and she could still hear the shouting of her parents from the kitchen. There was banging and shrieking, and words she would like never to need use.

She screwed her eyes shut and willed the nightmare to end, but it continued, the waking world lost to nightmares and the dreams lost to sleep. She sat there for several hours alone and afraid, surrounded by walls on every side, the neighbors were almost audible in their own shouting match through the near paper-thin walls, above a neighbor vacuumed oblivious and below the other neighbors danced to music that was too loud.

She bowed her head waiting for the nightmare to end. There was the bang of a door opening and she looked up for a second. She smirked and then sank back down. She ran a hand through her hair, barely noticing the blood as the bubble returned.

She opened her eyes and the tree was there. She smiled as she stood up her clothing had dried nicely if a bit stiff. She walked around the trees for a few moments then returned to her boat. She drifted off letting the current take her, one hand on her heart, the other running gently through her clean hair.

--Based on this Deviant Art Deviation http:// phatpuppy. deviantart. com/art/Moments-Alone-126655386?offset=50#comments (take out the spaces)