If during the next Christmas dinner, you see two of more of these guys…

-The racist old lady. She may be your grandma, your aunt, whatever, but she will complain about how bad are the things going for America just because the president is black, or about the last conspiracy involving all the Chinese persons in the town.

-The ex addict who "saw the light": Warning, be ready to hear about how he found Christ (But then again, since it's Christmas, I guess is OK…unless you're a Jewish, then, you should consider calling the nearest Rabbi you can find)

-A kid who's a little too old to be in the kids table, but not "old" enough to be with the rest of the adults. Bad luck! Maybe next year (If you're in this case, bring your boyfriend / girlfriend: That's the best way to avoid this problem)

-The political "talking head". He will choice even the lamest excuse to preach about how the Government spending is out of control. He's (VERY) likely to gift you the last book of Ron Paul.

-That cousin that makes you feel…strange (If you know what I mean)

-The annoying teen: Probably fan of Fallout Boy, he will spend the night complaining about how much he/she "hates this stupid family!"

-The douchie drunk uncle that brings some old painful memory and will eventually make somebody cry-

-The "rich" couple, who forget every year to give you a decent gift, but wait! That's not bad at all, since they will probably give you a very good amount of hard cash instead.

-The lesbian aunt: EVERYBODY knows she's a lesbian (Especially if she brings her "best friend" to the dinner) but you all like to pretend you don't.

-The kid who will cry and scream because he didn't get what he wanted…

-The kid who will cry and scream because he GOT what he really wanted…

-The kid who will cry and scream because the toy he got didn't included batteries.

-The sleepy grandpa: He will say "hello", but that's all, in the next couple of hours he will be spending the holiday with Morpheus.

-The guy that nobody invited, and nobody knows, but no one dares to ask him who is he.

-The guy that will pretend he liked a really lame gift

…Congratulations, you really had a real "Christmas" experience: Merry Christmas everybody