Passion's Flames

"No one but you could ever fill my night, be the sunlight in my every day."

-'Juliet' Emilie Autumn

"Your love is haunting me, all I want is more to set me free, whispering in the air, hoping that my words find you somewhere, do you hear me call your name? I know we will never be the same. The consequences hanging there, the sky will fall but I don't care."
-'Juliet' Emilie Autumn

A.N: Another drabble love letter. Take from this what you will.

Some say that every one is essientially based in one of the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. I used to scoff at that until I realized I burned with a certain passion. In the light I burned with a bright vitality of resiliance. In the darkness my passion became a consuming fireball that ate away at every thing it came into contact with. I always felt like I burned beneath my flesh, which caused my temperture to rise. Even in my darkest moments I always have a small fire lit, so that I will survive until the flame becomes a roaring bonfire I can dance around.

My love, you burn with the same intensity; I can no longer deny that you burn with the same flame. The tension between us was so palatable that I could feel it crawl against my skin like fire on a log. Our flames entwined and I knew this will either lead to my destruction or to my phoenix rebirth. Either our fire will destroy me completely or it will be the largest bonfire I ever danced around.

Come lover, and lay with me as the flames grow stronger, higher, and brighter. What will be will be. Deep within our fire cannot be denied.