I made a crack in the daunting wall.
I learned flying is overrated and
just as bad for you as cigarettes.

.....don't waste another breath
......on that other girl. when
........you know with me, we were
..a perfect mess.


(I'm dreaming of you more now
at least, it feels like I am. when I
wake up in the morning, you are
by then on my mind; and I hate
that. I don't want you to be this
special, this; thought about. you
don't deserve that, you; do too
much K to, deserve that. but it
doesn't make the feelings stop.
and so long as my heart keeps
cracking at the prospect of our
last love, you will be, dreampt.)-this is not me falling in love.

no it is not. no it's not.

(i miss the summer)