with my tongue glued to my insides like
cotton candy i want to say how much i'm
not ready for reality, still living in this fairytale
place i've created

though i want you, want you, want you i'm
not sure i could handle you, scared i'll slip and
fall and drown and burn and suffocate and
you'll realize i don't even know what i'm doing

you spark electric shock through my still-teenage
body and i wonder if that's what it feels to be
sentenced to the chair or if this is the best feeling
i'll ever experience

while all the adjectives in the world could never
explain the depth of your smiles or the way you
hold me close like i'm summer and i'm leaving you for
a colder landscape

shouldn't worry, though, 'cause i heard winter's got
her eye on you and i know you wouldn't mind a
change of atmosphere

with my heart stuttering as i try to let those
words leave my lips, you silence me and i'm
jumping to conclusions, but do you feel this?

do you feel as if the sun is specifically shining on
you today?

or am i really just crazy