I see black, I see blue

I see the day that I met you

We used to be friends, I never thought we'd part

Now I see how it was, right from the start

I never truly knew you, I was always later than the rest

I didn't realize what you would become, straying from the nest

I miss those innocent days, laughing and playing joyfully

That's how I'd like to remember you, from before you were a bully

I have many bad memories, but many are fond

When I remember the bad ones, I'll try to look beyond

To a time before we parted ways

Before you left our friendship in frays

It is long since I have wept

Our friendship remains ashes to be swept

But wait, now we might reunite?

No, I must first think twice about what is right

I miss the good old days

Before we parted ways

But after what you've done to me, our friendship can never be the same

So though I wish to meet again, that remains a high goal at which I aim