(it just had too much over the counter drug taste to it.)

from top to bottom, I'm sure that you're the medicine I need.
and I am completely overripe, with poetry for you. like the m o o n
loves the seas! the 'ships' of my heart sway endlessly to your
tongue to cheek advances. baby, I won't stand for this-
or sit, or swim. !I will dance! to this, unrestrained misrepresentation
of [love]. and we will be like two universes colliding,
bursting forth with youth and nitrogen clouds
in a world, a million years raw with g.r.a.v.i.t.y and cable television.

your skin is like china white rails, that my body instantly wants to
consume. looking into your eyes, is like looking into the sky-
but cosmoses away!-at myself. you've got me drowning,
in a sea of endless online punk radio. baby, you need to stop
blowing. my. mind. because I'm running low on::
oxygen and moral fiber. (we are all stardust baby.) and since
we don't need to be sober for another, two weeks. (give or take)
therefore; !rails! china white rails, that don't have any
'over the counter drug taste' to it.