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Also, I'm in the mood for a comfort-read/write after I discovered that my worst enemy (male, thank you very much) is attractive. Absolutely gorgeous. As my best friend put it, "The boy's smoking hot, brilliant, athletic, and he's a gentleman. Who wouldn't want him?" And my mother rolled her eyes when I informed her of this attraction and told me that everyone who knew us both, teens and adults alike, had been wondering when we would quit fighting and start making out.

Talk about embarrassing situations! I can only hope he doesn't know. Alex and I team up only when we have a good enough reason. Read: somebody bullying our mutual friends or chocolate. We will not be hooking up anytime soon. Or ever. Whichever is longer. Teaming up for the mutual entertainment of kissing is not a good enough reason.

Dionysus looked down at the petite girl who had just tumbled into his lap in bewilderment. "Who are you?" he asked, wrapping his hands around her waist and rising. He set her on her feet and waited for her answer.

She shook her head, slapping him with her ebony curls, and informed him, "I am Alyssa Montague. And you are?"

He felt a smile tugging at his mouth. She was a beauty, the perfect opposite of him. He was tall, black, and quite proper, whereas, Alyssa was tiny, pale as the moon, and judging from her black clothes, the chains draped around her hips, the tattoo he could see peeking over the collar of her shirt, and the piercings he could feel digging into his palms, she was a rebel.

"I'm Dionysus Capulet. Dion."

She cocked her head and said sternly, "Now, don't make fun of my name, Dionysus."

Amused, he answered, "It's Dion, and I'm not making fun of you. Want to check the school records?"

She considered it. "Okay."

"What?" She looked pointedly at his hands around her waist. He realized, embarrassed, that he had been standing there, holding her close, for several minutes. He let go and protested, "You can't just walk into the office and demand to know if I'm really Dion Capulet?"

She peered up at him and asked innocently, "Well, why not?"

He shrugged helplessly. "I'm sure I don't know. You just can't!" He suppressed the urge to groan. This pretty little girl was confusing him thoroughly, and he wasn't quite sure how.

"We're going, in any case," she said firmly.

He followed her through the halls. "We're going to be late."

"For what?"


Her laughter was much louder and heartier than he would have expected from a girl so small. "You're such a boy!"

He laughed too and said with a grin, "Obviously."

She stopped short in the middle of the hall and eyed him. Dion stopped too. Her green eyes traced every inch of his tall frame and at last, she said, "We'll postpone our visit to the principal, Dionysus. Want to eat lunch with me and my friends?"

"Your grammar is atrocious," he blurted. He almost smacked himself. He wasn't usually quite so idiotic.

"My Grammar died of a heart attack four years before I was born," she said smartly. "Now, what do you say?"

"Sure," he said quickly, before he said anything stupid.


Dion followed Alyssa meekly across the cafeteria. He could tell from all the wide eyes and whispers as the unusual pair passed that they were going to gossiped about plenty. Crazy goth-dressing girl and straight laced nerd were friends?

Suddenly, he bumped into Alyssa. She glanced up and said blandly, "My friends are waiting."

He followed her gaze to a group in the corner. Everybody sported ripped jeans and a black band t-shirt. He looked down at his own (unripped) jeans and button up shirt.

She was skipping over before he knew it. Dion wondered as he followed about precisely what he had gotten himself into. He didn't have to wonder long. Alyssa spun abruptly and grabbed his hand to lead him over.

"This is Dionysus," she said brightly. He shot her a look. "I mean, this is Dion," she amended.

He nodded uneasily. Most of the girls were openly checking him out, and those who weren't happened to be seated in a guy's lap. Alyssa narrowed her eyes and hissed at them, "Say hello and quit ogling."

One of them burst out laughing. She stood up and held out her hand. "I'm Violet--"

"Better known as Violent!" another girl chimed, getting to her feet. "I'm her twin, Viola."

He shook hands with the girls and that started a flow of greetings. Once, he glanced at Alyssa. She looked...irritated.


"Oh, Alyssa," Damien laughed, "That wasn't brilliant of you."

She looked at her best friend and she asked innocently, "What wasn't?"

"Oh, come now, Lyss, mi amiga," his girlfriend, Angelina, coaxed. "That stunt you pulled at lunchtime. You have a crush on him, don't you?"

Alyssa cursed her fair skin as she flushed bright red. "Yeah."

"The boy is gorgeous," Angie continued. "You cannot seriously expect to be able to introduce him to a girl and not have her drool all over him."

"Gee, thanks," Damien complained. Angie laughed and motioned for him to leave. "I can see when I'm not wanted," he sniffed.

Alyssa sighed and said, pouting, "He didn't have to be so nice about it."

"You certainly haven't made a move," Angie pointed out. "He's still fair game."

Alyssa pulled her baggy t-shirt over her head to reveal a bright red tank top. "I only just spoke to him today for the first time."

"Oh," said Angie. "That complicates things." She smiled brightly. "It was cute, watching you snarl at the girls who flirted with him."


Dion watched as Alyssa jammed her shirt into her backpack. Her dragon tattoo moved sinuously as she flung her hands in the air and said something loudly to her friend, before blushing and pulling her hair into a bun.

"Dion, right?" a male voice asked.

Dion nodded automatically and looked up. Some guy, a friend of Alyssa's flopped down on the curb next to him. "You are Damon?"

"Damien," he corrected casually. "She's beautiful, isn't she?"

Dion narrowed his eyes and demanded, "Who?"

"My best friend. Alyssa, who else?"

"Should you really be looking at her that way?" Dion asked grumpily. "I was under the impression you had a girl already."

Damien clapped his hands and said gleefully, "You're sweet on Lyssie, aren't you?"

"No," Dion protested.

"Yes," Damien said firmly. "You wouldn't have been watching her if you weren't. You wouldn't have agreed to sit with us if it weren't for her. Heaven knows you kept looking at each other all through the meal. Moreover, you wouldn't be jealous if you weren't sweet on her. Are you?"

"Well, maybe a little bit," Dion admitted reluctantly.

"You realize that people will balk because you're black and she's white?"

"What's that got to go with with anything?" he demanded.

"Good," Damien said in satisfaction. "I like that answer."


Six months later, Dion caught Alyssa for the seventeenth time and repeated patiently what he had been saying since she had started. "Alyssa, just because you jump off the top of the jungle gym and flap your arms doesn't mean you'll fly. It goes against the laws of physics."

"What's the point of having laws if not to break them?" she pouted.

Dion stared at her, horrified. "Alyssa?"

"I'm just kidding," she laughed, seeing the expression on his face. "Now, Dionysus, will you set me down?"

Dion rolled his eyes and lifted her in his arms bridal style and said calmly, "No. You'll kill yourself jumping off that thing. And people are staring."

"Put me down!" she shrieked, pounding on his shoulder. He ignored her. She mumbled something under her breath about stupid football players. A second later, she grinned and said apologetically, "Sorry. I saw that in 'Shrek' and I liked the line."

Dion laughed and kept going. In the middle of the soccer field, he put her down and sat down. "So, Alyssa, why do you want to fly?"

She flopped onto her back and answered, "Probably because I've always wanted to be a penguin."

Dion lay down beside her. "Alyssa."


"Penguins don't fly."

She sat up and leaned over him, her chest pressed against his, bracing herself with one hand on either side of him. "Are you sure? I'm pretty sure that penguins fly and eagles swim."

"Y-you have it backwards," he stumbled, cursing his hormones. Alyssa was very distracting when she was lying on him like that. Especially when she shifted position and was practically stretched out on top of him.

"What are you doing?" Damien questioned from somewhere above.

Alyssa jumped, blushed and scrambled off of Dion, only just noticing that their faces were only a couple inches apart. "Nothing!" she said, a little too quickly.

Damien laughed and asked, "Do you guys want to play soccer?"

"Yeah, sure," Alyssa said

Angie came running up and wrapped her arms around Damien from behind. "I don't want to play, Damien."

Dion said quickly, "You guys can play. I'll watch."

Angie smiled and said sweetly, "Excellent idea."


"Is her hair color natural?" Dion asked bluntly as the watched them play. "It's the only part of her that looks awful, the black hair. It's over-the-top."

Angie hid a smile. "Alyssa? No, her hair is dyed."

"What was her natural color?"


"Red? Like auburn, or like, scarlet?"

"Bright as the summer sun," Angie confirmed. A smirk crossed her face. "Why? Do you have preference for redheads?"

Dion shot her a disgruntled look. "Be quiet," he warned.

"Seriously, Dion, when are you guys going to make it official? You're dating already, but you're deliberately holding back the romance."

"Angelina..." Dion said softly. "Do you really think she'd go for it?"

"Listen, it's no secret that you guys are absolutely in love with each other. And trust me, Alyssa would love to treated like a queen."

Dion sighed and said patiently, "Angie, Allie is independent to the core. The chances that she would want me to take care of her are slim."

"No, Dion, they aren't. Alyssa pretends to be strong, but she isn't. She needs you to take care of her."

Dion nodded reflectively. "Maybe."