"Mama, tell me a story."

So she did. She told of a true story that spoke of her heart and soul. She told of a young woman barely out of childhood, trapped in a dark alley on a moonless night, violated by predators who feasted on the flesh of the innocent. Her voice sang out in a lulling melody - soft and weightless, lingering in the air.

"Mama, paint me a picture."

So she did. And it was a beautiful picture, indeed. But the blood streaks on the paper bled through ,and smudged the figure of the wingless angel she had drawn. And then the blood dried and crusted, hardening on the razor and rendering it useless forever.

"Mama, help me dress up."

So she did. With such fine clothes that shimmered and glistened like fool's gold. And it fitted perfectly - oh, so perfectly. But the brightness of the dress's color was dimmed, and stained with patches of scarlet and rose. And though it had become damp with the life force of youth, they clung to the skin like a lover's caress.

"Mama, lift me up high."

So she did. Up to the ceiling where one could almost hope to touch the sky, she rose. With limber ropes of tweed and twine, to eternally affix a body so frail onto a pedestal upon where the stars could kiss her brow. But the crows came, vengeful and ravenous they came. And they feasted on the flesh with no mercy, treating it like meat. Oh, how ironic that their fates should be so alike.

"Mama, say that you love me."

So she tried. Oh, how hard she tried. To utter those three words that might be able to appease the chaos of emotions welling up in her chest. And she looked into those lifeless eyes up above so often, to find courage to say the words that were the proof of her motherhood.

But she couldn't. Even as drops of burgundy fell like delicate rain onto her brow, dripping into her bossom. Even as she heard the shocked screams of her household's inhabitants. Even as she saw the aghast looks and pale faces of the people who had been so kind and considerate in taking her in after what she had gone through years ago... she couldn't say the words.

For how could she; to a creature born out of the evil that plagued mankind, and had brought the fevers of insanity into her mind.

"Mama, I love you."


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