This poem is a little dark, heh, but I was listening to Ana's Song by Silverchair at the time. Also, because I had a friend who once committed suicide...that was her favorite song. So this is my retelling, but this, I will save her.

She held the blade,
Her grip tightens,
The sweat slides her finger to the side.
Her mind cries and calls,
She paces,
Her tears flow down her cheek.
I love you all.
I love you all.
I want to be saved.
The blade edges closer to her flesh,
And she hesitates,
And she breathes.
To have her hell on Earth,
Or to have her hell beyond..?
She will die alone.
So she dropped the blade,
And drops to her knees,
And she has been saved,
Not because of love,
Not because of hope.
I will not be weak.
'Please don't die, Lily.'