A/N: This was an assignment for English. We had to write a Ballad. It might need some work so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.

This story takes place in Verona

Where an ancient feud erupts into new violence

Much blood will be spilled

But then comes two lovers and the feud will silence

The two meet at a party

It was love at first sight

Though he was a Montague and she was a Capulet

They weren't leaving each other without a fight

The balcony scene comes next

Where undying love is professed

Arrangements are made

And their marriage is addressed

The feud would have ended

If Mercutio hadn't died

Because with one death comes another

And now Tybalt and him lay alongside

Now Romeo's been banished

But the Friar has a scheme

Juliet takes a potion

Oh if only the plan hadn't gone downstream

Balthsar had found Juliet dead

So Romeo leaves to visit her tomb

But Paris got in the way

And soon he was lying on the floor with a bleeding wound

Juliet wakes up to a dead Romeo

Something Friar Laurence tried to hide

But he soon fled out of fear of getting caught

And left Juliet to die by Romeo's side

But with many deaths comes reconcile

For the feuding families agreed to end the fight

So that's the end to the fairytale
And all ended up right