The poison

That fills my soul

It tinges my heart

Darkens my mind

Fills my mouth

With a bitter taste.


The reason

For so many crimes

The fear it causes

The pain it strikes

The worry it forces

Into everyone's mind.


The lack

Of any emotion

Except for it

Tiring us

Scaring us

Living us

It fills me now

My entire mind

Occupied with nothing

But boredom

The cause

For so much worry

And pain

Because of


I have nothing to do

Nowhere to go

No one to see

No more passion

No more craving

No more thinking

No more loving

No more nothing

All gone

None left

All over

None here

Just empty

Just dark

Just nothing


Why must

You pursue me?

What do you want

With itty bitty me?

Where do I go?

What do I do?

Who do I see?

When do I leave?

Why do I need?


I contemplate

What I am unable to do

As this ever lasting


Encases me.