Staring out the window expression blank
A mind trapped in a body lost in space
Drifting aimlessly in a sea of thoughts.

Waterfalls forming.
The clouds are greying.

Everyone around her has their happiness
Everyone around her has their joy.
But where is hers?

Has it vanished into the depths of the soul
That inhabits her fragile form?

Did she accidentally let it fall away
Unable to catch it before it fell down the chasm,
Never to return?

A gifted actress this young girl has become.
Plastering makeup smiles written in
False-colored lipsticks.
Painting enthusiasm in her gentle green globes
Tinting them with tons of eyeshadow
Drawing pseudo-happiness in mascara on her lashes.
Blushing her cheeks pink with artistic laughter
That is simply all for show.

She memorized her lines to perform
A set of lyrics inked in blue
With all the truths scratched out in red
Never to be seen by the ones she loves the most.

Because nobody needs to know it's all for show.

Putting on her ratty dancing shoes,
She looks out towards the stage
Preparing for another fantastic performance
That'll leave everyone applauding,

Cheering for a poser,
A liar,
A fake.

She spins and twirls gracefully,
Each movement manipulated so she can avoid
The oceans of sorrow drowning her slowly
The flames of jealously burning her relentless.

How is it possible that fire and water
Have teamed together to cause this distress?
Has life just turned this far against her
That dueling elements drop their quarrels
Just to cause her this?

Dangling and dancing,
Beautiful puppet
All dolled up in her finery...

Performing her dance of lies...

Reading a poem of deceit...

Never will they know her true feelings.

She's just acting,
And it's all for the show.