You're stepping on my Heart

There are rules when it comes to dating and I broke every single one of them.

Rule number one: Don't date your best friend. (His name is John.)

Rule number two: Don't have sex right away (it was only three days).

Rule number three: Don't say you love them after a month of being together (only three days again).

Rule number four: Don't talk about your future together in the first month (a week and we were already deciding colleges that were near each other.)

Rule number five: Don't talk about past relationships (it doesn't help that his brother is my ex- boy thing, aka: fuck buddy).

Rule number six: And if you fail to do all of these rules: Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT say, "We can still be friends" when you break up.

I can't really put all the blame on me when I say that I was the only one that broke the rules. John broke most of them.

After two months of being together all we did was have sex. I'm not talking only seeing each other a couple of times to have sex but like every day. If I went over to his house, he'd jump me. If he came over to my house, he'd jump me.

So technically, he is the reason why we didn't work out. When we weren't having sex, we were fighting. He'd say something that would make me angry and I would blow up or I'd say something and he'd freak out on me. Like his favorite past time to do was say something about my relationship with his brother. He didn't even know about it until after we were dating.

But he was charming when he was best friend. That's right, we didn't stay friends. We hate each other. Not one ounce of love in our little messed up circle. Though I keep pretending we're friends for my parents because one, they adore him and two, they already think I hate no friends and breaking up with John would top the cake to sending me to a all-boys boarding school. Which they have threatened before.

I leaned back in my chair tossing my head back and lifting my arms high above my head as I yawned.

"Mr. Young, am I boring you?" the teacher asked as I was almost finished stretching, his voice caused me to tense and cause a cramp.

"No, sorry," I said lowering my arms and hung my head in embarrassment. Taking a glare around the room, I saw a few people giggling but John was staring at me with a strange look. Like he wanted to jump my bones or something.

He probably did because I know that I haven't slept with anyone since we broke up. He is probably drying because he was a virgin and we did it ever single day for two months so just stopping cold turkey like that probably isn't healthy.

It's easier for me because I wasn't a virgin so having sex then stopping is no problem for me, because that what John's brother and I did. Go at it like dogs then after a week of that just stop for a while and pretend like we didn't know each other.

We actually didn't know each other. I don't know his middle name or his favorite flavor of ice cream or all of those steps to becoming boyfriends. I did know that he had a scar on his side, what from couldn't tell you. I also know that his birth mark in on the inner thigh and that if you touch there it's an instant boner. I guess I know his sexual flavor of ice cream.

I can still remember the day that he molested me.

John was helping his mom do some work around the house so he could get some money for us to go see a movie. I was left sitting on the couch with his older and scary brother watching a movie. His name is Charlie and he is a senior in high school this year, the year of molestation, junior in high school.

John as one of his duties was to go with his mom to go see his Aunt so when they left I was left alone with Charlie.

Charlie waited at least ten minutes to make sure that his mom was gone before standing up and turning off the movie. I didn't complain because I wasn't sure what we were watching because he was drumming his fingers on my knee and I was watching them more then the movie.

I watched Charlie put in another movie then came and sat even closer then he was before. I moved away but he just followed, saying something about being cold. When the hardcore gay porno came on I was shocked and a little afraid as to why they put it in their living room.

I sat frozen as the porn started. Thirty minutes into the movie, Charlie was rubbing his hard-on through his pants and was feeling up my leg. This made it hard to control my penis from erecting.

His hand suddenly latched on to my penis, rubbing me hard until I was fully hardened. I couldn't help myself by moaning.

This carried on and let's just say I got my first blow job on John's couch and gave my first hand job on John's couch.

It felt weird whenever John came back and wanted to just watch a movie at his house and sat on the couch right where I was given a blow job.

I was blushing by the look that Charlie gave me before he left the room all together.

Once you have your taste of sex, you can't go back. I pretty much craved Charlie's attention. We ignored each other for three whole months before we were alone again. John was at someone else's house when I came over and Charlie attacked me right as I walked through the door.

It felt so good to be pressed against the front door like that as Charlie and I kissed and dry humped like bunnies. I was soon lifted from the ground and tightly wrapped around Charlie. He panted 'bed room' then dashed us towards his bedroom without even waiting for an answer.

I lost my virginity that day. Though climbing out of a window trying to sneak away after you lose your virginity and you weren't the one on top in a gay fuck fest, it hurts, long and hard.

I turned my attention back to the teacher and thanked God that today was the last day of school for Christmas break.


It's weird seeing their parents in the supermarket because I've had sex in their bed with both of their sons, not at the same time of course. Charlie was the third time we had sex and John was the last time before we broke up.

Sigh, life is just horrible to me.

Now I am standing outside of John and Charlie's house, it is snowing and my winter coat was doing nothing for me. I am shaking but freezing to death was better than going up there, knocking on the door, asking for my things and/or possibly get jumped, either beaten or in a sexual manner.

"Larson?" Mr. Harrison called from the front door, dressed in some rain-deer sweater. It is an ugly sweater.

"Hey," I called back starting up the walk-way, "is John here?"

"No, he is out shopping with his mom," he stated as I got closer to him, "what can I do for you?"

"I came here to pick up some things," I said looking over his shoulder to see if Charlie was around and about.

"Ah, well, come inside, I'm pretty sure you can just go up and get your stuff," Mr. Harrison said letting me pass him. I thanked him then walked upstairs to John's room.

It took me ten minutes to stuff all of my clothes I left here in my bag before starting in on some of the books I left here.

"Hey," a smoky voice greeted from the doorway. I froze.

"You left a shirt in my room, if you want it back, come visit me before you leave," Charlie told me before leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I continued to pack my stuff, thinking of all of the things that could go wrong with going to his room.

I sighed and finished finding my stuff.

I regret knocking on his door. I regret knocking on his fucking bedroom door.

"Come in," Charlie called from inside.

I opened the door and looked inside at him, "um, you said you had a shirt of mine?"

"Come on in," Charlie motioned me to come forwards, which I stupidly did. He got up from his bed and started towards his closet.

I waited as he looked through his clothing for my shirt.

"Oh wait," Charlie mumbled, "I think I'm wearing it."

My chest tightened as Charlie turned and stripped off the t-shirt.

"Maybe the pants are yours too," he told me, unbuttoning his pants. I closed the bedroom door and clicked it locked behind me.

"Maybe…" I whispered watching him.

"Mm, the button is caught," he walked his way closer to me, "maybe," he whispered in my ear when he was close enough, "you could help."

"Oh god," I said before grabbing the back of his head and kissed him.

I miss sex.


"Shit, your hands are cold," Charlie commented pushing my hands away from his body. I just put them right back on him causing him to laugh slightly, pressing a kiss against my check, moving himself closer to me.

"How have you been?" he asked, grabbing my hands and pushing them off him again but keeping them held in his hands.

"Pretty good for just breaking up with your asshole brother and then sleeping with you," I answered, wiggling my fingers to where we were holding hands now. I brought his hands up, moving a little closer to him, pinning his hands above his head.

"Yeah, you feel pretty damn good," Charlie whispered, letting me climb on top of him and take control. I kiss his chest and neck, nipping at a few certain spots that would cause him to moan.

"I hope I felt more than pretty damn good," I told him, licking a spot on his neck then sucking on the said spot causing him to harden beneath me.

"You are amazing," Charlie groaned, pushing his hips up to roll them against mine.

"Thank you," I whispered pressing down against him to kiss him.


Charlie watched me grab my bag and some of the other things that I stuffed into another bag that I stole from Charlie.

"See you in two weeks lover boy," I whispered, kissing him on the lips before skipping down the stairs. I yelled a goodbye to Mr. Harrison before leaving and getting in my car to go home.

Once home, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen to see I had a text message.

'Maybe one week until you see me because you are driving me crazy, bitch.'

I seriously love this kid some times.


True to his word, next Friday afternoon, he crawled through my window covered in snow and cold. I watched him start stripping of his wet clothing from my warm bed. I had been reading a book before he came barging in.

He didn't even glance at me as he took his clothing over to the heater to dry.

"You going to get some sweat pants on?" I asked staring at the pattern his boxers had on them.

"Nope," he said as he started towards me.

"Just going to stay in boxers?" I asked.

"Yep," he said crawling over me to lie on the other side of the bed, quickly getting under the covers and cuddling into my back as I went back to reading my book.

"You are so warm," he whispered against my shirt as he pressed as close as he could against me.

I didn't say anything. This only happened once before, him cuddling me. I had freaked out when it first happened but he just kept holding on like his life depended on it. I'm not going to complain though because he gets really warm and he just… I don't know how to describe it. It is just great.

I would think he was asleep if it wasn't for his fingers drawing things on my stomach and when he would randomly kiss my neck lightly.

After finishing my chapter, I set my book aside, moving to turn around. Once completing my turn I lowered myself so I was more beneath the blankets and slightly more under him.

"Hi," I whispered.

"Hey," he whispered back, pulling the blanket over our heads,

I smiled at him and pressed my lips to his chin before kissing his mouth. He kissed back but moved away just in time so it wouldn't turn into something else.

"What are you doing Christmas?" he asked.

"Nothing, my parents are still in England until the end January 8th," I answered, "why, you going to come over?"

"Probably," he answered.

I seriously love this kids sometimes.


I fucking hate him.

Him and his stupid face.

It is 2pm on Christmas day and he hasn't shown up or called or texted or anything! I even checked every room to see if he is hiding every hour. I have finally given up on my fourth search of the house when I heard the doorbell rang.

I rushed down the stairs, slipping and falling on a rug. Ignoring the tears in my eyes and my hurt leg which I landed on wrong, I continued towards the door. Looking through the peek hole, I saw him. Standing there with a red box in his hands and a frown on his face.

I opened the door and tried to make it seem like I wasn't waiting for him.

"Are you crying?" he asked right away.

I brushed away the tears that has formed in my eyes from the fall and shook my head, "no, I fell and it hurt."

He gave a smile before brushing past me.

"Did you get me something?" I asked him, watching his take off his shoes and coat.

"Yeah, well, my parents but same thing," he said handing me the gift. I snatched it from him before rushing towards the living room to turn on the Christmas tree lights.

I waited until he got into the living room, waited until he settled on the couch, waited until he turned off the TV and had his full attention on me before I ripped open the gift.

It was a new wallet. I grinned and pulled it out.

"I love it, thank you," I told him. He shrugged at me and start to lay on the couch.


It was 8 o' clock when we had settled down, after I had given his Christmas gift in the bed and in the shower, to watch Christmas movies on Disney.

"I want to tell you something," he told me, causing me to look up at him.

"Kay, what?" I asked.

"I have been thinking a lot about things, like us and stuff," he said. Oh god. He was going to dump me on Christmas.

I went to sit up but he kept me down.

"I have been thinking a lot about us and how we kind of act like a couple," he was talking like this was a practiced speech, "and I have been thinking that we should…" he trailed off.

He fucking trailed off. What? We should what? End this, get married, have children together, kill ourselves? What?

"Go on a date," he said finally.

"Date?" I asked with a slight laugh.

"Yes, a fucking date," he growled finally letting me go so I could sit up, "you didn't have to fucking laugh at me when I am trying to spill my heart out here."

"Sorry," I said after I calmed.

"Sorry," I tried again, "I'm sorry for stepping on your heart at a emotion time in your life but.."

He glared at me causing me to laugh again.

"But," I said again, "I would love to go out with you on a date."

"Really?" he asked like I was a retard, "Are you going to laugh at me the entire time too?"

"Probably," I told him, "unless you a shock me into silence with your gentle side again."

"I'll fuck you up," he growled as he tackled me into the other side of the couch.

I love this kid sometimes.


Author's Note: Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah (isn't this over? Oh well.) and Happy Boxing Day for you Canadians. This is my little gift to all. I wrote it to be an actual story but I was all, "I want to give them something...but I don't want to write a whole new story..." So I turned this into a Christmas story!

By the way, in this little world that these character's live in Christmas is totally on Sunday and not Friday because the days weren't matching up so I just changed the date of Christmas... because I HAVE THAT POWER!

Also, I'll be posting another chapter to this on New Year's Eve (or Day) for a New Year's short story, dealing with these characters because I know I left some unfinished business in this short story.

Okay! So! Did you guys get what you wanted for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa? Mmmm! If you don't celebrate any of those, what do you celebrate? Well, what do you celebrate anyway? I celebrate Christmas... even though I not-so secretly hate Christmas because it has gotten too commercial for me.