Summary: Codenames: Alpha, Beta and Gamma // Mission: Alpha to assassinate Beta, with the reluctant help of Gamma. Wait...what about Omega? Too bad in high school, not all is fair in love and war.

Hate is the Enemy of Love


Sakina the Fallen Angel

Prologue: Establishing the Enemy


It isn't everyday that you get to put your father's military training into use at high school. Heck, it isn't every day when you find yourself in a situation that requires said military training. But when somebody comes along and thinks he's god's gift to women, nay, when somebody comes along and really believes it with all his heart, and then personally humiliates you in front of your whole grade, then that is most definitely the time to put away the nice girl and bring out the big guns.

For the sake of pride, and on behalf of the female race, I vow to take down that smarmy good-for-nothing-except-absolutely-everything Brett Hawkins.

I even have a base of operations. Granted, it's a little modest, being my sleeping quarters and all, but let me tell you that some of the best laid plans of mice and men were born in that room.

Not really sure what I'm harping on about?

Well, to be honest, neither am I. It's all still too confusing for my liking.

Maybe an explanation is in order so, close your eyes, imagine you're anywhere but here, and let me backtrack to a scene a year and a half ago...


It wasn't the clich├ęd oversleeping that led me to being late to class, no, it was the fact that both me and my best friend Georgina Winters had spent the last ten minutes trying to persuade my cousin to abandon her camp in the toilet cubicle. The end of break bell had just gone, and I was dangerously close to getting a strike by my name from my Math teacher if I didn't show up in the next three-point-one-four seconds.

Three strikes and you won yourself a detention.

Fed up of trying to be nice, Georgina returned to her usual impatient self. "Dani, get your butt out here right now!"

The growl in her voice finally got through to Danielle Van Berg, because the next thing I knew, the cubicle door was being unbolted, and out from the shadows stepped my cousin, looking nothing like her radiant, bouncy, fourteen-year-old self. Her blonde hair hung down limply, her lip was quivering, and a fresh set of tears threatened to spill from her shining eyes.

"I thought he was decent. How could he cheat on me with that...whore?!" Exclamation over, Dani's sobs filled the room once again.

I had never met Gregory in person, simply passed him by in corridors. When I'd first found out that Dani was dating him, my immediate thought was that this would not end well. From what I had gathered, Gregory was the kind of boy whose brain cells were only reserved for football and womanising, but to all the girls in Dani's grade, he was worshipped like a god.

"Gregory Anderson is a cold-hearted prick, that's what, and you deserve better than trash like him." Softening slightly, Georgina put her arm around Danielle in a sisterly way, whilst I stood there, looking uncomfortable and not really sure of what to do or say.

As you may not be aware of, both Georgina and my fourteen-year old cousin have more dating experience than I do. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm ugly or anything, it's just that both Georgina and Dani are drop dead gorgeous. I'm not even sure if they know it.

Georgina sensed my discomfort and after a little bit of hesitation, she said, "Look, Aislinn, just get to class. I'll take care of Dani."

"Thanks," I whispered. "I owe you one."

"No problem," Georgina replied with her trademark grin.

Math was not a class that I could afford to fail in. Gathering my books, I threw Dani what I hoped was an encouraging 'hang in there' smile, before bolting off to class.

I could hear chatter coming from my Math classroom, indicating that despite his hypocritical intolerance of latecomers, Mr Griffin hadn't yet arrived. I breathed a sigh of relief. Mr Griffin is the kind of teacher who loves to make a show of his students, and never gets bored of lecturing you on why you are a waste of space. Just in case, I had prepared an adequate excuse for my lateness, but what I hadn't factored for was the new guy sitting at my desk.

Now, I could've just left it there and found another place to sit. But after seeing my cousin reduced to shreds by a demonic excuse of a human being, I really wasn't feeling very sympathetic towards anything that possessed a Y chromosome. I know what kind of guy Gregory Anderson is, and from the looks of things, this new boy was simply an older version of him. There he was in all his arrogant glory, grinning with his arms folded behind his head as if he owned the school. The sight of him lapping up the attention of all the fawning females was what did it for me.

Walking up to my desk, I dropped my books down with a thump.

The boy looked up and met my eyes. He blinked once or twice. "Can I help you?"

Being five foot three, I didn't have much practice at towering over people, but it helped when they were sitting down.

In my seat.

Towering over him, I said slowly, "You're in my seat."

Back then, I was a lot quieter and less confident, so I was quite proud of myself for breaking out of character. Of course, I was also being fuelled by Dani's plight. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

"Ays-lin Mackenzie," he said lazily, leaning over to read the neat handwriting on my workbook.

"That's right," I said. "You can read my name. By the way, it's pronounced Ash-linn."

I was shocked at myself for being so standoffish. Maybe he wasn't that bad. Maybe I was just jumping the gun with my prejudices.

"Well Aislinn, if you smile real sweet, then I'll let you have your seat back."

OK, I take that back. This guy had only uttered two sentences, and already I knew I hated his entrails. My mouth tightened as I sought my brain for some adequate quick fire response, but as always, words failed me in stressful situations, so the only thing I did was scowl at him before picking up my books.

I had turned away from him and was about to head off to another seat in the room when I felt a warm hand upon my arm. Instinctively jerking away as if I had been burned, I spun around with verbal poison upon my lips.


"Jeez," the boy whistled, raising an eyebrow. He frowned, completely taken aback by my reaction. "I was joking about that earlier comment. What are you, boy-phobic or something?"

I didn't realise it at the time, but with that one question, he completely destroyed me and any chance I had of dating for the next year or so. Well, that's what I believed.

"No!" I snapped and stalked off to sit at the front of the classroom, except the damage had been done. I could hear the titters and whispers following me from all sides. God, how old were these people? Actually don't answer that.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Griffin shuffled in and muttered some grand excuse about the coffee machine breaking down, as if that would explain his own tardiness. Before any student could get a word in, he began taking names in his usual longwinded manner. At the end of roll call, the boy raised his hand. Mr Griffin peered over his glasses and noticed the brown-haired stranger for the first time.

"Sir, my name isn't on the roll call."

Mr Griffin did a double take.

"Who are you?"

"Brett Hawkins." He said it as if he was surprised that no one knew who he was. I was betting that this guy had been popular as hell back down whatever hole he had crawled out from. "Is this class for Advanced Calculus?"

"No, this is just Basic Math." Mr Griffin replied in a tiresome voice, as if it pained him to have to teach such an easy subject to a bunch of dumbasses. He glanced at the clock that hung on the wall at the back of the classroom, and I could see a vein twitching.

"Oh. I think I'm in the wrong class then."

He stood up, and I swear to god I heard sighs from the local females as they put two and two together: Advanced Calculus being the class for the grade above us.

That was the first day of Brett Hawkins' existence in my life, and the first day of the new Brookford High.


I'm sure other people disliked Brett Hawkins. I'm sure that I wasn't the only person who found his charm absolutely ridiculous. But when half of the school population wants to get into his pants, whilst the other half worship every fibre of his being (and probably also want to get into his pants) then it made me feel that I was very much alone. Even the teachers loved him for his looks, his charm, and his sporting prowess. He was a walking Casanova, a smooth talker that aced all his grades and yet was the coolest guy this side of the sun.

It killed me to see my older brother Eric hanging out with him. It killed me whenever Eric talked about him, and it killed me when he would invite Brett over for tea.

I couldn't like Brett Hawkins. Maybe it was my deep-set prejudice, but I couldn't forgive him for being such a jerk to me that one time. He must've known that I was the only person who openly disliked him, so he tried to make it up to me with easy words and casual smiles. But I always threw them back in his face.

That was a year and a half ago. About six months later, he suddenly disappeared. Rumour had it his father's company had been relocated. Soon, he became a legend, then a whisper, and then, when he was talked about no more, his name faded away into the background of the graffiti on bathroom walls.

This was a year ago.

Now, I'm a different person: older, wiser, and a little more street smart.

Now, it's a different story and a whole new game.

And now, guess who's back with the same old rap?

I know I'm bad, starting a new story when I still have two to finish, but I just couldn't resist. I've been toying with this idea for some time now, and couldn't keep it under wraps any longer! This one will be my foray into writing in the first person POV. Outside, it's so snowy... Dear Santa, please make me happy by giving me lots and lots of reviews and concrit... ;)

By the way, anyone guessed who Alpha, Beta and Gamma are yet?

Sakina xxx