Everything was just a game, a game to show our appreciation to our companions, the dragons…However, everything seemed to have taken a different face. The competition became a war, a war where achieving victory was the ultimate goal…A war where no one would win…This is the Dragoniad…

Dragonia is a place where dragons and humans live together in peace and harmony. In the world of raising dragons and achieving technological advancements, many were able to adapt with the dragons. In the eleven countries that make up Dragonia, has a various species of dragons and anyone who was able to handle raising a dragon has a dragon of their own, some own dragons as pets or companions, and some own them to help with their occupations. In Dragonia, people from the eleven countries are joined together with the event of the Dragoniad, an event that happens every four years that puts to the test the link and bond of a dragon rider and their dragon in series of events.

"There was a time when the Dragoniad was fun to watch, either being physically there or watching on television…but nowadays, the Dragoniad is nothing but a giant mess," said a woman attending to some household plants.

"That's very true, nothing was like the old days…," agreed a man after putting down the newspaper he was reading before staring at the television set.

"That's because there the existence of honour and sportsmanship is a thing of the past, son," replied an elderly man walking out from the kitchen of the small house.

"Oh, father," said the man who read the newspaper, standing up to help the older man to sit next to him and watch what was being displayed on the television set. "My, my, has everything changed…Nothing was like this when the Elites were still around…"

"Eli-eats…Can you eat them?" asked a small boy who sat in front of the television set and stared back at his grandfather.

"No, Cody," replied the boy's father.

"You're such a silly boy," agreed the boy's mother with a few giggles.

"Then what are the Eli-eats?" asked the confused boy who was laughed along with his mother.

"Come here, Cody. Grandpa is going to tell you a story," said the boy's grandfather as he puts out his arms for the five year old to go to him.

The young boy obeyed and walked towards his grandfather, his grandfather picked him off the ground and placed him on this lap, and began telling the promised story. "You see, the Elites were a group of people who formed a team to participate in the Dragoniad when I was a young boy, like you. The group was made of people from all over Dragonia and they worked together very well as a team. Every four years when the Dragoniad was held, whichever country it may be, everyone was always excited to see the Elites, for their good sportsmanship and their firm belief in a fair and fun game."

"They sound like knights!" exclaimed an excited five year old.

"That's exactly what they're like. Every time they were racing, and every time the Dragoniad came along, everyone looked forward to watching it. Everyone had fun and everyone enjoyed the sport, but everything changed when one of their teammates died in an accident during a Dragoniad game," continued the boy's grandfather.

"Oh no…what happened then, Grandpa?" asked the boy coming down from his excitement.

"The team could no longer function as a team since they worked together like a perfectly built machine. And when one piece of the machinery is missing, the machine doesn't work. After having lost one of their teammates, the team separated, and along the fun and good sport of participating in the Dragoniad went with them," replied the boy's grandfather as he placed his hand on his grandson's head.

"I'm sure they'll come back, and then we can all enjoy the fun!" proclaimed an optimistic young boy before hopping off from where he was. "And when they do, I'll be part of their team and join the fun!"

The other three family members enjoyed the enthusiasm and the optimism of the young boy, and they all shared a few chuckles for the proclamation the boy made. As the mother went back to attending to her lovely plants, and the father went back to reading another section of the newspaper, the young boy kept asking his grandfather to share stories of the Elites with him.

It has been twenty years since the proclamation the young boy made, and the 157th Dragoniad was held and done. After every Dragoniad, a couple of months after the events were held; tryouts and recruitment heats are made available for coaches to recruit new members to the team to partake in the next Dragoniad. To participate in the Dragoniad events, a team of thirteen individuals are allowed to participate. Out of the thirteen individuals, there are certain job positions on the team that must be met, and these tryouts were the best place to witness the new talents. The 157th Dragoniad was held in Central, a country that is located in the middle of Dragonia, a country of technological advancements and the most industrialized of the eleven.

In the capital city of Central was where the Dragoniad was held, along with the tryout heats for those interested in joining a team. People from all over Dragonia gathered in Central this year, and the capital city, Kentron, was surrounded with people and dragons everywhere. The city was known to be very populated with culture and the many dragon species one can witness in a lifetime. As the tryout heats are being held, everyone was invited to witness or partake in the tryout heats, and everything was open to the general public.

Walking through the city gates was a young adult male of twenty-five years old with short dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Putting his hand over his forehead, he said to his dragon, "We finally made it to Kentron, Civilia. The capital city, isn't this great?" He looked back to see what kind of reaction his slate scaled and grey eyed dragon had and he was greeted by a nudge on the shoulder by the female dragon's head. "I see…you're just as excited as I am for the tryouts, my grandfather is going to be so proud of us for making it this far…Come on…," and he led his dragon into the capital city of Kentron.

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