The Joining of Comrades

Once everything was finished, Lydia went to find her friend along with Achilles. While discovering her friend with his teammates, she went up to them and said, "That was some awesome race out there. Good job!"

"And who might this pretty girl be, King?" asked Jack as he was the first to notice Lydia walking towards them. The statement caught Kevin's attention. Kevin waved at Lydia while Sahara ran towards the redhead.

"Nice to see you too, Sahara," said Lydia as the Savanagon stopped before crashing into the smaller female. Lydia held out her hand to caress her friend's dragon and said to everyone, "Great job out there today."

"Thanks," replied Kevin putting his hand on his neck.

Jack came up beside his friend and gave him a stare before he introduced himself to the redhead. "Hi there, the name's Jack, Jack Thinter. Nice to meet you," while he stuck out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Lydia Monte," responded Lydia as she shook Jack's hand. She noticed the silver haired boy and decided to wave.

"This is Yzak Delacroix, he's not very sociable," justified Kevin as he introduced his other friend. Lydia smiled and told Kevin that she had to find her cousin. Kevin decided to tag along, and Jack dragged Yzak along as well since they had nothing planned for the rest of the day.

The first day of tryouts ended around the middle of day, and Lydia finally found her cousin not too far from the Game fields. When Cody noticed his cousin, he waved at her direction and he told his teammates who the redhead was and asked if they would be interested in hanging out all together since there is nothing else for them to do since everything was done.

"How did your tryout go?" asked the redhead once she found Cody and waved at his teammates.

"It went well, we won three to nothing. Civilia made a crazy jump for the winning goal, you should've been there," explained Hiro. "This is our teammate, Ryu Anamori and her dragon Itachi."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Lydia Monte."

"Pleasure to meet you," said Ryu as she shook hands with her teammate's cousin.

Lydia introduced her friends to her cousin. She decided to treat everyone to some food at her house for the riders and their dragons. As Lydia led the way, everyone stayed close since Kentron was known to be the biggest city in Dragonia. Once they arrived at Lydia's home, the hostess led everybody's dragons to the den and invited the dragon riders to sit in the back yard. Lydia went back into her house with Cody as she told everyone else to sit around the back yard. While enjoying the afternoon sunlight, the other began talking after moments of awkward silence.

"I'm Kevin Denim," said Kevin as he introduced himself to the others. "By chance, are the two of you Gamers? I've never seen you around the waiting area."

"We are," responded Hiro for Ryu and himself. "My name is Hiro Vanel."

"Ryu Anamori," said the female as she stuck out her hand as a friendly gesture and said nothing afterwards.

"Hi, I'm Jack Thinter," added Jack as he placed his arm around Kevin's shoulder. "And that antisocial guy is Yzak Delacroix."

"Who gave you the right to call me antisocial?" questioned the silver haired male with a glare.

"Nice to meet you all, I'm Cody Cunningham," interrupted Cody as he brought out two trays of food. Lydia was right behind him with the beverages. As Lydia and Cody placed everything on the table, they said in unison, "Dig in everyone!"

"Don't mind if I do," said Jack after he thanked the cousins for the hospitality. "These are good sandwiches!" Everyone started eating and chatting together once again. While everyone was having a great time getting to know each other, a certain topic kept popping up in their conversations.

"Did someone come see you after your tryouts? Like a coach or something...?" asked the curious Cody.

"Yes," replied Yzak rather bluntly.

"It was a woman actually...But I kind of forgot her name...," said Kevin as he drank from his cup.

"Madelyn Omega, that's her name...Have you heard of her before?" inquired Jack as he directed his gaze at Lydia.

"She sounds familiar...," said Lydia with a moment of uncertainty. "Oh! She's the new coach of Team Central."

"I thought Charles Alpha is the new coach...," said Hiro as he recalled talking to a person who also claimed to be the coach of Team Central.

"He is. Every team that partakes in the Dragoniad has two coaches. One in charge of coaching the Gamers and the other is in charge of coaching the Racers. Therefore it is not surprising that you met two different coaches at your tryouts."

"I see...The world sure is small...," said Jack as he noticed something. "It is as if we were bound to meet up one way or another."

"Very true, we were contacted by the coaches of the same team," added Hiro as he chuckled at the irony. "Have any of you decided if you're joining the team?"

"It's a team decision, there's no I in the old saying goes," said Cody. "You can't force the others into doing something even though two out of three agreed to do it. Fortunately, we agreed to join the team."

"Amen," agreed Kevin. "But our team decided to join. It's been a while since the last time all three of us were together...and the chances of that happening are also very rare."

"How come?" asked Lydia drinking from her cup.

"You see," started Jack. "I'm from Lumberdon."

"I'm from Oasis," said Kevin.

"Statica," said the remaining teammate.

"How did you get to know each other? The three countries are so far apart from each other...?" asked Lydia as she became curious.

"Well, Jack and I have been friends since we were young. My family was always on the move because of my father's job, I've lived in Lumberdon for a while before moving back to my homeland, Oasis," told Kevin.

"Yzak and I known each since high school, I met him when our schools were at a sport competition held by DDHA school board. I was given the privilege to visit Statica and participate in the event," said Jack as he grinned at Yzak.

Yzak ignored him and added to Jack's story, "My meeting with Kevin was a fluke. We attended the same high school in different countries, we met under an organized event the schools were holding, and we were on the same team for a sport event."

"The world is pretty small," said Lydia as she enjoyed their story. "What about you guys?" as she turned her gaze to the Gamers' direction.

"Ladies first," said Cody.

"I met these two today, and I'm from Lavanna," said Ryu and she said nothing more after that. Lydia blinked and looked at the other two Gamers.

"I'm from Meadowly," began Hiro. "I met Cody when we were kids. I attend an international school, and from time to time we go on exchange with other students from other schools. I met Cody when I exchanged with a student from Central. Whenever I have time I always went back to visit Cody, the last time I saw this buddy of mine was about six months ago."

"So, you're from Kentron too?" asked Jack connecting the link with the cousins.

"Nope, I'm from Foci," said Cody. "You can kind of tell with the skin tone Lydia and I have are very different."

"That's true. I've lived in this big city all my life and I do a lot of travelling. Cody only travels when he has free time."

"That's right, the furthest I've every gotten in travelling was Frosilly. I stayed there for a while, and I kind of miss it," said Cody honestly.

"I'm sorry for cutting our time together short, but it's getting late," interrupted Ryu. "I've got to get going."

"Why not stay for dinner?" asked Lydia politely. "I can provide for your dragon as well."

"It's alright, I'm done imposing," said the black haired girl. "I have a couple of errands to do." After politely thanking Lydia for everything, Ryu got up and left. Walking to the den, Itachi walked with his master and left Lydia's house.

"Talking about errands...I've got a few to do myself," said Hiro as he was reminded by Ryu. "I'm going to leave first. I'll see you guys around."

"Same here," replied many of the people sitting.

"Hope we can be on the same team," said Kevin as he gestured a wave to bid his new friend farewell.

"I hope so too," answered back Hiro as he left with his dragon.

The others stayed much longer than Hiro and Ryu. Lydia insisted for everyone who remained to stay for dinner and give her the chance of being a better hostess to both the riders and their dragons. When dinner came around, the redhead's backyard was rather lively compared to awkward a few hours ago. Everyone was acquainted with one another, conversations between all of them kept them until the sky darkened and the late evening came to them.

"Thanks for a great meal, but it's getting really late," commented Jack. "I've got to get back to my hotel or else they might take my belongings hostage."

"Who'd want your crap?" asked Yzak from behind Jack.

"The sarcasm never dies with you," said Kevin as he chuckled at Yzak's sarcasm.

"Who said I was being sarcastic?"

"You're a hard one...What's going on in that head of yours?" said Lydia as she giggled at the silver haired male's comment.

"Thanks for everything," stated Kevin. "Are you two doing anything tomorrow?"

"I might go see some other tryouts," responded Cody as he was quite excited to see how other people are qualified to be recruited into teams.

"Breeders are being tested tomorrow, so I have no choice but to be present at the testing hall," replied Lydia.

"Not excited?" asked Jack.

"I know I've got a lot to learn, but qualifying from a big group to have chances of being recognized by coaches of the teams that participate in the Dragoniad is...difficult...," answered Lydia. "I'm more nervous than excited."

"Best of luck," said Jack with a smile before he walked towards the den to get his dragon ready for their departure.

"Thanks," said Lydia as she watched the remaining three males leave her home's premises.

"I'm sure you'll do well," reassured Cody as he walked into the den to see if Civilia was asleep. Civilia was still wide awake, and Achilles was fast asleep when the cousins stepped into the den. "And Achilles is saving up all his energy to cheer you on tomorrow, so everything is going to be alright. Don't worry, just do your best."

"Thanks, I'll be getting ready for bed. I'm quite tired from all the stuff that happened today," said Lydia as she walked out of the den. Cody saw his cousin walk out and he went into Civilia's stall to see how his dragon was doing. As Cody approached his dragon, Civilia stood up on her limbs and went to meet her master halfway. Cody caressed her scales in a rather soothing manner and said to her, "Thanks for the great work. We'll be in for quite a ride from now on..."

Voila! Enjoy ^_^