It was past midnight when I decided that it would be best to walk Conner back to his place. It was dark and not the safest of neighborhoods. It wasn't the worst either but it wouldn't be odd for this area for a mugging to occur. It wasn't a long walk, he only lived a block away from the park.

His apartment complex was a bit older but still fairly nice. I took him all the way to his door. It almost felt like I had just gotten done with a date instead of just bumping into him. "Thanks for the escort, Mr. Ar-Tarot." He said. I smiled after correcting him only a dozen times he'd finally remembered to call me Tarot and not Mr. Armstrong.

"Thank you for the company. I needed it." I replied honestly. After the fight with Dani I had needed some nice casual friendly talk. And we'd spent an hour wandering the park talking about almost nothing important. He'd scolded me for driving with a broken arm but that had just made me smile.

He unlocked his door and glanced at me, a faint blush on his cheeks. "Would you, uh, like to come in?" He asked softly.

My eyebrow shot up in surprise. I hadn't expected the offer but that didn't stop me from being happy about it. "Sure." I said and followed him inside.

The apartment was nice. Much different from mine. It had more wood for one, and warm paint on the walls with a very definite cozy feeling to it. It surprised me as I had anticipated something that felt less like a home. He spent so much time at work after all. "Nice place." I offered casually.

"Thanks." He said flicking on some of the lights as I looked around more carefully. "It's not much but-"

"It doesn't need to be much." I said examining a picture of a sunset over some body of water. "Home is where the heart is. Isn't that the saying?" I asked looking over at him.

He nodded a bit. "Yeah. Something like that."

I smiled. He was pulling that incredibly hard to resist adorable thing again. "So, this your family?" I asked picking up another picture of Conner with a red haired woman and a brown haired man. He came over and looked at the picture before nodding. "They look nice." I commented, seeing the laugh lines around both of his parents' eyes.

"They were." He said softly.

I almost winced. Past tense was not a good thing. "Sorry."

He shook his head. "Don't worry about it."

I didn't like the sad look on his face much so I put the picture back in its spot before taking his hand and guiding him over to the couch. "Enough of that. Smiling is a much better look for you." I said giving him one of my own smiles. After a minute he finally smiled back, though it wasn't as big as mine. I nodded. "Much better. Far cuter that way."

He looked away with a blush and I chuckled. He really was too easy to get embarrassed. I gave a faux annoyed sigh. "Now, Conner, if you start blushing like that I'm just going to have to give you something to really blush about."

As I expected his eyes widened and his blush grew darker. I laughed again. The look on his face was just too cute. It wasn't like I had given him a particularly lewd leer or anything like that. He was just too innocent. I leaned forward and brushed a gentle kiss across his lips. His whole face was now as red as his hair and I couldn't resist stealing another kiss, this time lingering longer.

He shyly kissed back, laying a gentle hand on my arm as I deepened the kiss. My hand not hindered by a cast reached up to cradle the back of his head as I teased his lips apart. I moved slow, not sure if he'd bolt or not. I felt his arms creep up to wrap around my neck as I tasted every hollow and surface of his mouth.

I broke away for a bit of air before dipping down to trail my mouth down his jaw line to the hollow between the corner of his jaw and his ear. He made a slight mewling sound as his head tilted back for better access. I groaned a bit. "Conner, I love that noise…" I whispered into his ear.

"Tarot…" He muttered before I covered his mouth with my own again.

I slid one hand around his waist, fingers moving almost by their own accord to tunnel under his track jacket and shirt and feel his skin beneath. I could feel his fingers tangled in my hair as my mouth continued to meld against his. I could almost feel an inferno building where my lips met his.

My hand continued to wander over his back while my other skimmed down his side to rest on his hip. He let out another of those incredibly sexy mews and I groaned. I could feel my control of the situation starting to slip. I wanted him so bad I could barely shift in my seat. "Just tell me…if you want to stop." I whispered against the corner of his mouth. He didn't tell me to back off like I thought he might so I trailed my mouth over his neck, tasting his smooth skin as I went.

He muttered my name again and the hands that were in my hair wrapped around my body instead. My hand drifted down to cradle his backside through his track pants even as I kissed the hollow of his shoulder. I gently scraped my teeth across his skin and he gave me one of those mewls that made my blood run even hotter. I just couldn't get enough of that sound.

I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around my waist to better stabilize himself as I stumbled into the bedroom and crawled onto the bed with him. He surprised me then by peppering gentle kisses across my neck and jaw. I quickly unzipped his jacket and dropped my hand to his stomach so that I could move my hand under his shirt. His back arched as my fingers found his nipple and rubbed it gently.

I capture his mouth again as my fingers teased his nipple until it was hard and then moved to his other. He whimpered a bit into my mouth but his hands were gentle as they explored my own chest under my shirt.

I got a bit frustrated with the clothing and sat back to pull my own shirt off, it was a bit more difficult with my cast but I managed it fairly quickly. Conner sat up as well and shed his track jacket before reaching for the hem of his shirt. He hesitated for a moment before pulling it off and dropping it off the side of the bed.

My eyes scanned every plane of his chest and couldn't help but make a sound of appreciation. He wasn't particularly buff but he was definitely not unpleasant. He was thin and lithe with long lines and graceful curves of his bones and slight muscles. I leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his chest, letting my tongue skim his slightly sweaty skin.

His hands ran through my hair several times as my mouth skimmed over his skin, lingering in a few places that made his breathing hitch slightly. "Tarot…" He muttered as my hand drifted down his side and thigh.

My pants were extremely uncomfortable but I didn't complain seeing as I was having far too much fun exploring Conner's smooth skin. Beneath me I felt Conner kick off his shoes and I did the same with a bit more difficulty. His hands glided over my back, barely touching my stitches and making me shiver.

My hand tugged at his track pants and he lifted his hips so that I could push them down easier, taking his boxers with them. My mouth drifted down to scrape at his hipbones and he made that delightful mewling noise in the back of his throat. I smiled against his skin before placing a few gentle kisses down his thigh. "T-tarot…" He whimpered as he writhed a bit.

I sat up and looked down at him. He was flushed with pleasure and his red hair was a mess. I groaned a bit. "God, you're so hot." He shifted a bit in embarrassment, which brought my attention to his legs and his erection. I groaned again, my jeans were officially too painful to deal with. It took a minute of fumbling but then my jeans were undone and I was pushing them off.

I bent back down to kiss him my little lover again as I kicked my pants off completely. Our bodies slid against one another, making my erection throb painfully. I ground my hips against his as I kissed his neck. "Lube?" I managed to ask between kisses and moans of pleasure as his body brushed against mine.

He let out a soft moan of his own and arched his back. "B-bottom!" He supplied.

I reached over to the side table as best I could without giving up the chance to lavish attention on his skin. I growled a bit in frustration, as I had to pull away to find it. Finally I saw a small bottle of lube in the bottom of the drawer and pulled it out.

I opened the bottle and squeezed a bit onto my fingers before trailing my hand down his side and around his thigh. I my fingers traced the ring of muscles lightly, which made him give another mewling sound. I kissed him again as my fingers slid into him. His breathing hitched and he tensed for a moment. Slowly, I moved my hand and it wasn't long before he was arching and moving in pleasure.

I tilted my head a bit so that I could kiss him again. His arms wrapped around my shoulders as his hands skimmed over my skin again. He didn't seem to notice when I pulled my fingers away and lifted his hips.

Conner broke away with a brief cry as I pushed myself into him. I waited as he clutched at my shoulders and got used to the feeling. After what felt like an eternity poised over the edge he leaned up and gave me a gentle kiss. "Please." He said softly as his fingers relaxed slightly.

I complied and started moving, groaning at how incredibly tight he was. I was tempted to say he was a virgin but somehow I didn't think that was true. It must have just been a long time since he'd had sex. He moaned and moved to meet my thrusts.

I ran my tongue down his chest, needing to feel every bit of skin beneath my lips for some reason I couldn't explain. His hands brushed through my hair even as he arched his back in pleasure. My thrusts got a little harder as I felt the need to reach my finish start to build. He moaned out something that might have been my name as I ran my teeth over one of his nipples.

Suddenly he cried out and I smirked before thrusting harder at that same spot inside of him. He cried out louder this time and I began to pick up the pace. His hands tangled tightly in my hair as I continued to thrust into his hot body. I could feel myself starting to come close to the edge and moved my hand from his hip to his erection.

Conner cried out as I began to stroke his length in time with my thrusts. His length was weeping as I rubbed his head with my thumb. I ground his nipple between my teeth as I ran my hand down his shaft again. He brought a hand to his mouth and bit his finger, which made me groan. He was just too hot. I swatted his hand away from his mouth and replaced it with my own mouth.

My thrusts were becoming very rough as I fought to hold on. My hand gently squeezed his length and he cried out into my mouth before climaxing across both our stomachs. His muscles clamped down around me and I could contain my shout as I followed him over the edge.

I lay on top of him, gasping slightly to catch my breath. Conner was similarly out of breath beneath me but that didn't stop him from peppering a few kisses across my shoulders. I chuckled a bit and rolled, wincing a bit as the mattress pressed against my stitches. He lay cradled in the crook of my arm and wrapped an arm around me in a half hug. I smiled a bit and ran my fingers down his arm.

Neither of us said anything but then we didn't have to. Nothing really seemed right and he would occasionally reach up and put a gentle peck to my cheek before settling against me again. That made me smile each time. I was enjoying just holding him against me and it seemed like he was content to just be held.