Comrade! The Capitalism is dead

Workers of the World, unite!

Singing the same hippie songs again

I know we can spread the revolutionary light!


Because fight for the little one

It's easier from a Mansion in LA

Meeting with Chavez tonight

And attending to the awards the next day


Drinking champagne in Paris

Dreaming about the fall of the current Order

Bitching about the American Dream

While I make out with my Swedish Lover


Oh it's so easy to wear Guevara's shirts

Singing out of key trying to save the world

I share the style of the Cuban or the Vietnamese

With the difference I make millions for bad rock songs


Reading Marx and Engels with Lenin posters in my wall

That's the Revolutionary way

I know the old system is about to fall

But please, recording industry, don't forget to send me a check


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I hope you enjoyed my little..."satire" XD...Send me your reviews, thank you very much.