"Good night my princess," I said, as I lay my baby girl in her crib. She was beautiful. It was obvious that Tristan was her father, she looked just like him, and, for that, I was glad.

I walked out of the room, turning on the monitor and shutting off the light. I went straight to my room then, totally worn out from my long day of classes. I got ready for bed, when a picture caught my attention, as it did frequently.

The picture was of Tristan and me over the summer leading into our senior year. It was the night we watched fireworks on the roof of his car. That summer was the best time of my life, and I knew I could never have one like it again. I would never be able to be carefree as I once was, I now had someone completely dependent on me, but she was totally worth every second.

Life is not easy being a single mom going to college, but nothing is ever easy, my life included.

I always thought I would get my perfect ending. I would have my baby, and then Tristan and I would go off to college together in all our glory and prove everyone wrong. I don't get my perfect ending. Instead I got loss. I lost Tristan, the one that I planned to spend the rest of my life with, even though I was seventeen. I may only be a year older, but I am more than a year wiser. Growing up quick teaches you many things.

I have learned that love may never last forever, but is always worth it. Even through all the hardships I have been through because of losing Tristan, I would never give up my time of "finding" Tristan either.

My addiction can never fade. Now I can only "shoot up" with pictures and memories, I may be in my own form of rehab for the rest of my life, because, unlike most addictions, there isn't a twelve step program. My addiction doesn't have a treatment, my addiction is for life.

Le fin

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