Their Very Own Winter Wonderland

A drop-dead gorgeous couple holding hands, treaded their way through the snow, following a well-worn path. They were shadowed by the huge white-coloured, oak trees on either side of them. Wrapped tightly in thick, woolen hats, scarves and gloves. Their cheeks and noses flushed a colour that would even shame Rudolph. As they walked, hand-in-hand, the cold slowly leached into their clothes.

The beautiful boy - who was guiding the very pretty girl - suddenly halted and stooping down, brought his ear close to the girl's mouth, so he could hear her.

"Bennie? Where are we and are we nearly there? I'm freezing to death here", and to further emphasise the 'freezing to death' part, she shivered visibly.

At her words, the boy's face clouded into worry and fright. He wrapped his body around the fragile girl's and held her close to his heart. Calm reassurances of 'just a little big further' and 'five more minutes' floated through the air.

Seeing the boy's concern, the girl's face lit up with a smile whereupon she pressed her frozen, cold lips against his and melted into his body. Warmth erupted between them both, their kisses warding off the cold.

Grinning, the boy hitched his bag further up his shoulder, broke off their kiss only to bring his lips to the girl's forehead. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear, he took a gentle hold of her hand and preceeded along the trail he had been directed to.

Anticipation and adrenaline woke up the girl's body, rushing through her veins, calling her to speed up and get closer to their destination.

Up ahead of them, there was a slight break in the trees. The boy sighed happily and grasped the hand that he held tighter, rubbing it with his other gloved hand to warm her perfect hand up.

They broke through the gap in the trees and had to shade their eyes against the dazzling white that pervaded their eyes. The scene before them was too beautiful, too magical to look at.

In front of them was literally, a breathtaking sight. Neither breathed, scared of ruining the moment. The snow on the ground resembled heaps of sugars drops that had never been touched by man-kind or nature. No footsteps spoiled the perfect, smooth texture of the snow. It really was their own winter wonderland, they had it all to themselves.

The trees that enclosed the small, cosy scene did not act as gates to lock or trap them in but rather as a barrier that kept the warmth and solitude in and the cold and the evil that resided in the world out.

The two teenagers, over-awed and astounded by the beauty, turned around in little circles, cold forgotten, to look at every detail. Snow crunched under their feet as they moved, snow quickly turning to sludge.

Little buds, suspended in growth through the winter, made the trees look somehow prettier, more endearing.

They saw the little frozen droplets of water that hung from the huge, welcoming cedars. The droplets glinted off the sun and sent sparks of rainbow colours to glaze across the surface of the ice-covered lake.

Encircled by more sugar lumps and a dusting of snowflakes on top, the lake sat on the ground, the scenery was enchanting and captivating. They moved closer to it, staring into the ice they saw their reflection. Two 17-year old's stared back at them looking too much in love, too perfect for each other and too entwined in their partner's future to be real. They were the epitome of soul-mates.

Then, with contended 'O's' from the girl and boy, the moment was complete. The most perfect moment in history that could be stored away and looked back on when the memory holder needed to actually make sure that the time they spent at this place was real and not just a creation of their imagination.

Without any kind of warning, the enchantment was broken and the cold once again seeped slyly in. An audible gasp had sprang from the girl's mouth as she tripped up on an invisible stone and landed in the snow, creating an immaculate snow-angel. Their breath came in puffs in front of them as the girl lay laughing in the snow when, the boy trying to gently lift her up, fell down beside her. There they lay in the feet high snow, flawless snow-angels beneath their bodies. As the laughter slowly created warmth and spread through their bones, they became quieter and quieter, staring at each other adoringly. What came after was repeated 'I love you's' and stolen kisses in the white fluff.

Several robins started to sing, and the enchantment was effortlessly created once again. After removing themselves from the ground, grinning confidently, the boy took hold of her gloved hand, bowed before it and kissed her fingers, then, linking their hands together, lead her onto the untainted ice. Aided by the Robin's song, they skated around in circles.

The ice that was skated over, flew up into the air and melted back into water before even hitting the ice with an un-audible 'splash!', immediately mingling back in with the ice once more, the cycle of frozen water had once again begun.

They twirled and twisted, round and round, again and again, always linked together by their entwined hands. In a flurry of movement, they were an unbeatable pair that nothing could come in-between. Their skates kept them anchored to the ground as their love tried to lift them into the sky, to drift away into the land where they were free to love and be loved.

They circled around the lake, stopping every few minutes to hold onto eachother, to mold their lips together, in order to make sure the other person was real, that this was real.

They glided in unison one final time, staring at each other. Then, in an abrupt movement, the boy bent down to swept up the girl into his arms and continued to carry her back towards the car in order for him to have his wicked way with her. Needless to say, she giggled the whole time.