"It's not fair..." Amber cried silently while she was hugged tightly by Paolo. "I'm going to miss you so much... and I love you so much! Why are we going to be separated for such a long time?" She held on to him tightly as she shouted all her frustration and Paolo just hugged back.

Amber had a long, black braid that reached to her bottom. She was a very tall girl, taller than most people. She had hazel eyes and was usually very silent and mysterious. That was what Paolo liked in her.

She fell hard for Paolo a year ago; the two of them had a holiday in Italy and they met there. Paolo was Italian but lived in the USA and Amber just liked the country. Having approximately the same age, the two were seen together very, very often and became good friends; at the last day, Paolo kissed Amber after which she nearly passed out.

The two of them lived in the USA, coincidentally in the same state but still quite far away. Despite that, Amber visited Paolo at least once a week.

Paolo's roots were easily seen on his face and he spoke English with a small accent, but his vocabulary in English was very good.

"I know it's not fair, but I have to. I'm sorry. But my parents pressured me to live in Italy for at least half a year and have a job in there. And, it's my home country, after all. I was born there." Amber sobbed.

"But it's still not fair! I love you and it's going to be Christmas tomorrow! Nobody should be alone at Christmas! Why do you have to leave exactly that day?!" Paolo knew the best he could do for her was to say nothing. So he said nothing and just hugged her back.

"Think about me... you'll come to visit me, right? Often?" His soft voice spoke up with a small accent. It was the accent that Amber loved; if a thousand voices would shout at the same time, she'd be able to recognize his voice out of all of them. Or at least she claimed it would be like that.

"As often as I can." Amber sobbed, but it seemed the crying had stopped.

"Good." Paolo said and he slowly let go of her. "You're staying for the night, right?" Amber nodded; she had already brought her sleeping bag. He lifted one corner of his mouth.

"I'm glad you do. At least for one evening, we'll be having fun."

It was Christmas Day and Amber had left Paolo's place early, because she was needed at home for preparations. They shared one big hug out of pure passion before she went home, sad as she was that Paolo had to leave at Christmas. She would miss him too much.

It was usual, at Christmas, for Ambers family, to all come over at Amber's place and celebrate Christmas together, which was why Amber was needed at home for preparations. It promised to be a big party as always, with the presents from her parents and little sister first and later the party itself. Her mum had five siblings – and three of them had children too, all around her age, although she was the oldest – so it was a very big family.

Around five o'clock in the afternoon, everyone started coming in. Her two uncles debated about all kinds of stupid subjects as always, her aunts started to make the pie and her cousins all gathered in Ambers room to talk about things, like always. Amber could hardly say she was alone, and yet, she was oh so lonely without Paolo.

She thought he was somewhere on a plane to Italy already, or he was still at the airport, gathering his stuff. She was going to miss him and right then, she already missed him a lot.

She had a very good bond with the second-oldest cousin, Jake, and she told him everything. He was indeed, after Paolo, her best friend. He was blonde and usually very hyperactive, but Amber knew how to put up with that.

After a long time of talking with her ten cousins, she went to the bathroom and when she left the bathroom, Jake was standing there.

"Heard Paolo left today." Amber nodded and was going to go back to her own room, but Jake stopped her.

"I feel sorry for you, Amber, really. If there's anything I can help you with..." Amber almost felt the tears popping up in the corners of her eyes and felt like slapping Jake for bringing up the subject, but she knew his intentions were good.

"Thanks, I know. Leave me now, please, okay?" Jake nodded and they both went back to her room.

Secretly, Amber was hoping for a surprise. It always happens in stories anyway, so why shouldn't it work for her? Paolo suddenly coming back to her house, ringing the doorbell and saying that he loved her and he didn't care what his parents said? Why wouldn't that work out?

Deep down inside, Amber knew it wasn't going to happen. She didn't believe in miracles and she didn't believe in Paolo suddenly coming back.

It was nine-o'clock and the entire family gathered in the living room of Ambers house. It was tradition that everyone in the family recieved one present, apart from the presents that were already given. Ambers uncle was a rich milionaire and always took care of the presents.

After everyone had opened their present, Amber noticed she was missing hers, but wasn't in the mood for asking. Nobody seemed to worry, so she decided not to bother them and not to react.

After fifteen minutes of staying downstairs after all the presents had been opened, though, suddenly her two aunts – whom she hadn't seen leaving – came back with a big, big box with Ambers name on it. Her eyes widened and she was immensely curious to what could be in the box, but she didn't dare to ask. Apparently it was very heavy, because both of them were lifting it from one side, apparently it being too heavy for only one.

"Can... can I open it?" She asked when it was put in front of her. Both aunts nodded with a smile and sat down, after which she opened it with shaking hands.

It wasn't possible that it was... no, of course not, that was impossible. And yet... she kept on hoping for the impossible.

It turned out it wasn't so impossible when Paolo suddenly came out of the present and a surprised Amber hugged him tightly.

"I'm so glad to see you here." Paolo grinned widely.

"So am I." She shared a look with Jake and he winked. She knew him well enough to know what that meant.

"This was all Jake's plan, right?" She whispered. Paolo nodded.

"It was. Merry Christmas." Amber shared a tight hug with Paolo before wishing him the same.

After a while, Paolo clarified that he wouldn't be leaving until the day after Christmas. He kept it a secret because he wanted to surprise Amber and he would be leaving from her house instead of from his own. He'd stay at her place in the meanwhile – which meant another night of fun – before he'd take the airplane to Italy.

"You were right," Paolo said after the entire family had left and both of them were in her room. "Nobody should be alone at Christmas." Amber smiled.

"I'm not." And she began kissing him passionately on the lips, letting her tongue sneak in.

When the kiss was broken, they wished each other a very merry Christmas once more.

Author's Note: I'm wishing you a very merry Christmas and a 2010 with loads and loads of inspiration! =)