09:32 Hrs, December 13th

61 Clover Ave, Harrington

"The Guillotine Squad were fools if they thought they could end the Pandemic. Sure Zephron was the counter element of Theronite, but there was no way that such an element could've been used as a cure, or even a solution for that matter. Theronite was administered only to the Pandemic and Silverstrain because it was highly volatile. But Zephron is even more volatile and bonds to everything as well. By dousing everything in the strange element they have destroyed all that was left. It did eliminate zombies, but it also killed people, bonded with the air, the plants, the buildings, the animals. Luckily there was a finite amount of Zephron and the entirety was bonded before major damage could be done to humans. The air is still somehow breathable, and we are still alive. That also means that some zombies survived as well, though they were devastated by the strike. But the Guillotine Squad's sacrifice was not in vain. As far as we can tell Alpha Prime has been eliminated, or at least incapacitated by the Zephron. The blatant lack of coordination is proof of that. This doesn't mean that we have won. This doesn't mean that mankind has been spared. Far from it. We have the Theronite zombies to deal with, along with a new breed of zombie. There have also been rumors of a terrible creature that even the zombies fear. Alpha Prime? We don't know. But for now we must cleanse the world of this plague, not with the search of a cure, but with brute force."


Thanks to all who have stuck with the story to the very end, I really appreciate it. A special thanks to those who have given me reviews, especially Thornton, Ric Pike, and Typing Typhoon. You guys have given me the confidence I needed to finish the story. If you are reading this and are sad that story is over, don't worry. I am writing a prequel that focuses more on The Guillotine Squad and character development (with gratuitous amounts of violence of course.) If you were angry about how I killed everyone off (I know you are out there), I also plan on writing a sequel after the prequel is done. For those who were disappointed in the lack of character development, the prequel is for you. That's it.