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It was a regular day at Santa Claus' workshop at the north pole, except for one thing. It was the day before Christmas, the day Santa flies throughout the world giving presents to good little boys and girls. So, the workshop was extremely busy getting everything packed, and Santa was in his office reading his list one more time.

"Come on, Santa!" groaned the head elf as he walked into the office. "You already read the list once!"

"You try memorizing a billion names and addresses each year! Anyway, it's tradition." replied Santa.

"Well, could you at least try not to procrastinate until the last day?"

"I'll repeat. You try memorizing a billion names and addresses each year!"

The head elf sighed. "OK, I guess you make a good point. I'll go back to ordering the others around, then."

"That's my head elf!" cheered Santa.

"Don't push it."

Santa continued looking through his list as the head elf walked out of the office. That night, a decorated clock on the roof of the workshop was at one minute to 12. All of the elves and reindeer were counting down as the second hand continued tick-tick-ticking to midnight.

"Ho ho ho!" Santa shouted as he rode his sleigh into the dark.

Santa did the usual routine, jumped down chimneys, ate his cookies and milk, put presents under the Christmas tree, and jumped back out. Had he known that this night would be different than all other nights, he would have worn extra stockings. But alas, he still went down that chimney, put the presents under the tree, and proceeded to go back, but found someone blocking his way. It was a man in a tuxedo.

"Why, hello there!" the man greeted.

"Hi. I kind of need to get to a few million other houses, so what is it?" asked Santa.

"I just noticed how you have a sleigh out back. You need to get with the times. No one rides sleighs anymore!"

"They don't?"

Santa wondered what the contraptions he saw at every house was, but never gave much thought to it.

"I can give you a more advanced way to get to all those houses," the man roused. "Come with me."

Now, Santa was skeptical of the man, but decided to go with him anyway. He was curious as to what he was about to be shown, and knew that all the children in the world could handle a small delay.

The man led Santa to his garage, and when opening it, revealed a shiny, slick, exceptionally large automobile.

"This Cadillac can handle up to 3000 pounds of weight and still fly with millions of miles fueled with Christmas spirit." the man explained.

"Christmas spirit, eh?" questioned Santa.

"Yep, or in technical terms, snow, but what is a white Christmas without enthusiasm from the masses?"

"I see. Well, thanks, but I'd rather-"

"Did I forget to mention the option for a 24/7 massage in your seat?"

Santa gasped. "No!"

"It's true. Going to all those houses each year must be tiring for you. This will help you take the edge off," the man persuaded. "Want to try it out?"

"Well..." Santa bit his fingers. "Alright."

Santa went into the car and the man pressed a button that caused the seat to shake, relaxing Santa.

"It seems you're enjoying yourself," the man said as he took out a clipboard. "Just sign here and you'll get to keep this amazing vehicle all in exchange for your sleigh and reindeer."

Santa signed the clipboard without opening his eyes and the man clicked the button on the car again and walked out of the garage content.

"Huh? What happened?" pondered Santa as he looked around. "Oh yeah, the man in the black tie. I better go and finish bringing Christmas to the world."

Santa walked out of the garage to find nothing but his bag in the middle of the snow.

"My sleigh! My reindeer! What happened?"

Santa turned around to find the Cadillac still standing in the garage. He stared at it for a few moments before shaking his head.

"No, I need to find my reindeer and sleigh. I can't-"

"Come on, Santa. You don't need those worn out commodities," a voice from the Cadillac remarked."Get with the times."

Santa rubbed his eyes.

"Well, that does it," he declared.

Santa walked into the garage with his bag, threw the bag into the car, jumped in himself, and flew the convertible into the dark.