"What the FUCK!" was Jet's immediate reaction. Everyone else was staring in complete and utter shock, as if their friend had not just knocked a television out the window.

And, as if Fate held extreme hatred for the Rockets (or just Jet), the Schwarzkopf twins arrived without knocking, running, evidently having seen the broken glass and television at the foot of the house.

It only took them a while more for Edward to choke, and even more of a while for Brandon to cry, "Who does that?"

"She does," Cheri murmured; it was quickly apparent that she believed their reaction to be underplay, not nearly enough for—

"Y—y-y-y-YOU! FUCKING YOU!" Jet screamed, pointing a finger at Abigail, who stood calmly by the shattered glass, Basket coiled about her shoulders. "YOU JUST TOSSED MY TV OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW—"

"Ours," Alexis corrected him; she had moved to tug on his sleeve. "And that TV wasn't so new anyway—didn't you complain a shitload of times about how you wanted to toss it out the window?"

"And you!" He rounded on her, where she was still sitting. "You're taking this despicably well, aren't you?! FUCK! What'd'ya think our parents'll think when they get home...THE FUCKING WINDOW!"

Candy shook her head as she stared at him, wide-eyed as he; Edward let out a soft whimper. What ungodly event had they just witnessed? "D—don't you have an extra window?" he suggested. "I mean...it's not like...your parents have lots of extras because you broke so much in here, right—"

"—like that time you broke your mom's vase," Brandon added, nodding at his twin.

"And that time you broke my grandma's wooden oni," Edward added with a wince, apparently remembering his family's distressed screams in incoherent Japanese.

"I get it!" Jet replied cuttingly, face red. (Why, his thoughts said in the back, did she have that little wooden terror in the first place?) "But—this—is—"

"Sparta," Alexis said. The twins had lightened the tension in the atmosphere considerably.

Jet, defeated, looked to Cheri, who quickly looked down; Mia did not move, unsurprisingly. Looking back at Abigail with a snort, he said, "Get out of my house!"

She didn't move. Jet shivered; even in his rage, she was frightening. It took him a while more before he repeated, lips quivering, "Get out of my house!"

A long silence ensued; still, Abigail did not move.

"Um...Jet...," Cheri broke in weakly—she was cut off by a loud thump as he, instead, keeled over in a dead faint.

Alexis sighed as she waved her hands at her brother, muttering about the insanity of the day. "He needs to stop overreacting."

Candy opened her mouth as she came in with the water, but quickly closed it, deciding against her comment. It was Abigail they were bemoaning over, after all. One would have thought Jet would be used to it. Not that the blue-haired girl was, either.

The twins were shaking their heads as Abigail lurked in a corner; they were used to her, so used to this that they could defy logic to tolerate her—however, it was Edward Schwarzkopf's misfortune, to fear her, her and her protectiveness of Mia. Brandon patted his brother on the back, and Edward gave him a shaky smile, obviously terrified of making a move, though his eyes were constantly landing back on the violet-haired girl sitting blankly next to Abigail, hand in a bag of marshmallows. There seemed to be only five left. Wow.

"Thanks," Alexis said, taking Candy's offering—a plastic cup of tap water—and splashing it unceremoniously into Jet's face. Nothing happened. "Pft," she scoffed; Candy hurried away to refill the cup, thinking that Jet needed it more than they thought.

The second splash of water worked: Jet woke, spluttering. "Justin Bieber's manlier than you," was Alexis's first comment. Indignant, Jet glared at her, wiping the water from his face. The sound stopped Candy on her third trip to the kitchen sink.

"Why isn't she committed?" Jet asked, flaring.

A valid question, Alexis thought dryly, but she smirked at him, replying, "Why aren't you?"

"Why aren't YOU?" he snapped, turning about; Alexis giggled, her brother could be as cute as he was young.

Hahaha, her mind laughed sarcastically, he said "you."

In the tense silence that followed, Alexis could only just make out Cheri's uncomfortable shifting; however, Brandon's existence broke it, as he proclaimed, loudly, "DILDO!"

"Pfffft," laughed Edward, and the rest of the room—aside from Mia and Abigail—burst into giggles, if not more than that; Alexis shot Brandon a grateful look, one that she was sure he didn't catch.

"You—said—'dildo,'" cackled Jet; Alexis rolled her eyes at him, thinking, Bipolar!

It almost made her forget Gilbert Anchors.

She paused in mid-laughter, sucking in a breath, her face a cross between a smirk and a grimace. Oh..., she thought immediately, shaking with some fury. Science. Damn, you...need to die.

She jumped at a pat on her shoulder; Candy, dozy as she could be, could be just as aware. Alexis threw her a look, in inquiry. Candy replied, quietly, "You're still thinking about the experimentation, aren't you?"

Alexis sucked in another breath. "Yeah."

Quieter, still—"The authorities'll get to him in time. You know, the animal rights activists should be getting up about it now."

"Yeah." Alexis didn't let that ray of hope get to her.

Another uncomfortable silence, this time only for them.

In their distance, Jet could be heard crying, "Cookies!" and the vague rip as he opened the bag from Candy. "COOKIES!" he screeched, as if they were the most heavenly things ever; as if the Lord had blessed him with them. "COOKIES! OH MY GOD, COOKIES!"

Alexis rolled her eyes, snapped back into reality. Cookies, she thought sarcastically.

"Well, they'll get to him." She nodded at Candy, who looked somewhat relieved.

Suddenly, there was another screech; this time from Edward: "Oh my God, SNAKE!" She couldn't suppress a giggle as Cheri swept into a hasty explanation; turning back, she watched and enjoyed the show, momentarily relieved of her burden.