Years have sped by, time has flown,
To hate you – that is what i had sworn;
To wipe off your memories from my heart,
To live on now, knowing we are worlds apart.

But often on silent, lonely nights,
When i sit and think, while the moon shines bright;
Your face creeps back into my mind,
And pushes all other memories to the side.

Of times we had both good and bad,
Of tears we shared and fun we had;
But what went wrong when it comes to you,
You didn't fight enough, they'll deny it but its true.

You made me who i am, from my birth, at the very beginning;
Some people love me, some people hate me, but it seems like im winning;
The battle to exist, to be who I want to be, thats why my lifes worth living.

You moved on and now your gone,
Whatever your reasons you'll never be number one;
Because SHE stayed by the side of all four of us,
Through toil and trouble, fighting and fuss.

Your time was there, you had your chance,
But now your gone and its like learning to dance;
Slow at first but we'll get there in the end,
With the mother of all mothers willing to stretch and bend.

Times have been tough, and thats partly your doing,
But we wont palm it off, or give up like you did,
We'll fight and fight some more, the tears we keep shooing
No matter what anyone says we are our mothers kids.

Shes stood by us, and we by her,
Looking after each other without per.
Away you've gone and i hope wherever you are,
You feel the pain of the burning scar.

Not just once on the hour,
Not just 24 times in the day,
Cause god believe me if i had the power,
I'd hurt you in the same way.

Without you now, against our wishes, we are getting on,
We don't need you , we are good together.......

And i find myself doesn't matter your gone.

So know right now, we are proud of our mum,
Shes brought us up right, gained our respect and then some.
Its not fear, but a bond so tight,

Something YOU could have had if we were worth the fight.