I tried to make the perfect angsty poem...instead, I came up with this mess: Enjoy!

I'm so lost in a sea of sadness

So lost in the jail of my heart

Thinking about the shadows and darkness

While I sing along with Fallout Boy


Only I know the real melancholy

Of being a sad soul caught in a colourless life

Wearing black clothes I can recognize my individuality

Looking like the other million of teens with makeup in their eyes


Reading about virgin vampires sparkling the woods

Pink shirts and black black nails

I dream about flying away from my doom

Covering my face my long black hair


Bad poetry it's my fuel

My essence, my reason to live

I know I can find the perfect cure

And fulfil all my pointless drama and tears


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Dedicated to all the teens of the world: All your "angst" is such a perfect AND endless source of comedy material. Send me your reviews and your hate mail. C'ya next time.