What a word people use to describe other things. Some would continually wear the term out and label creatures as, "evil fiends" or "dark entities". Quite common it was to be called this, when you're in the midst of a full blown recovery process that is.

A figure began to shift in the shadows of a nearby single room hut with one window, stretching its legs out and letting out a hefty yawn in the process. It's legs kicked randomly in the air, casting shadows on nearby walls that looked like monsters in the night roaming about.

The figure, a man, planted his feet back down on the floor and rested his hand down onto the arm of the chair that he happened to be relaxing in. Though this relaxation wouldn't last for much longer. This man, wearing but a simple earthen brown robe that stretched down to his feet where bandages wound around each toe and around the sole of his foot was expecting a visitor. Not just any visitor however. A friend he happened to be passing the time waiting for.

The man sagged his shoulders anxiously and glanced around the small one room hut nervously as he anticipated his friends arrival. The clicking sound that a clock made as the hands kept moving didn't help the matter, and only added unease to his already not so stable composure. After a few more minutes had passed, the man began to franticly flick his fingers and he clenched his teeth in worry.

Had his friend forgotten? Thankfully, a few seconds later a knock came to the only door and jolted the man out of his trance. He rose to his feet and walked to the wooden door in a brisk pace, before yanking it open. Behind it, was an elderly man looking to be in his early sixties and wearing not but a simply black robe that was similar in style and design to the other man waiting.

He had deep soil brown hair that fell to his shoulders while the other man had jet black hair that only went to his chin, before running off in random directions along the side of his face. Frowning at the arrival that was so late, the man on the inside of the hut rolled his eyes while tapping his foot impatiently.

"You're aware of the issues we are having with the recovery process correct?" He questioned at the start while glancing outside. The jet haired man nodded.

"Who isn't? The recovery between the six kingdoms has lasted for so long, ten years at least. That's long enough to have some people start wondering what's going on. We know exactly what the problem is however." He answered calmly. Ygro nodded and continued to explain.

"Relgen, you remember why the war started right?" He asked inquisitively. Relgen nodded immediately.

"It's from a grudge that Demon kind generally has against the Spirits, and thus the home nation of Akedime waged war on everyone." He replied, his eyes narrowed at the memory of such a time. "Myself, as well as five others joined forces to fight their king Phelvelos, with special weapons that were gifts from the Spirits themselves." Ygro sighed, and Relgen continued.

"He was powerful, and even with our combined might it still wasn't enough. We managed to weaken him enough after a grueling battle and finally defeated him." Ygro shook his head sadly and turned back around.

"I've received reports from some of the scholars at Vedaria that there has been unusual Mana activity around the continent of Enelios lately." He said softly, causing Relgen to widen his eyes.

"It couldn't be... Akedime is trying something already?! it's been but fifteen years!" He exclaimed in concern. Ygro shook his head, not quite knowing what to say back. He sighed and glanced up at the ceiling.

"Mana, the source of all life. Every living creature of the world of Aerment has Mana in their body. Some use it in special ways, such as using Magic. We called them Spiritists, or those gifted with natural ability to use that Magic." He said softly. Relgen crossed his arms and huffed.

"Those who use it are bound by laws created by Spirits though. It's a tricky lifestyle." He mused, which Ygro agreed with by nodded. Something occured to Relgen and he looked to the elderly man with him.

"That reminds me. Your kingdom's current heir is missing, correct?" He said, and Ygro nodded.

"At first, we'd sent her away with some knights when there was reports that Demons were coming to take her. We've since lost contact with the vanguard that was supposed to look after her." He said with worry in his voice. Relgen put a hand to his chin as he went into thought.

"Hm... I know that young Celeste is in Vampiria searching for her sister. I haven't heard from dear Alvas in a while, so I don't know if your other commanders are doing well. I imagine they are." He mused quietly. Ygro shrugged to this, and closed his eyes.

"No one knows. What we do know is we still have hard days ahead of us." He said quietly. Relgen turned to him with a raised brow, and smirked.

"What's this? The great Ygro is worried about something?" He quipped, causing the older man to growl.

"You shouldn't be that way now. Besides, with the way things are I wonder if we'll ever get back to normality." He shot back. Relgen crossed his arms and nodded.

"Only time will tell if we ever will see a day of peace. If that day ever comes, we should all celebrate. For it will mean that we finally broke away from the memories of sadness."