It was a dark and stormy night…just kidding, it was a very average night, and Aaron and his "loyal sidekick", Wilson, were patrolling the area; They heard a lot of informs and rumours mentioning a "vampire" rounding the neighbourhood, and they were hired to "hunt" that creature of the night and earn a new paycheck.

-Wilson, can you hear me? - Aaron says at a walkie-talkie, from his vehicle.

-Yep, and I think I saw that vampire walking over the cradles of the Horwitz Street…- Wilson replied from the other side of the neighbourhood -…And I guess is about to enter to some Victorian style house…-

-Then you know what to do, Wilson: Active the tramp!-

Wilson pushed a button of a remote he was holding, and a loud noise came out from that house, followed by a scream of a female voice. They knew that was his sign to give the next step of the operation.

-Don't move you evil spawn! - Aaron yells as he and Wilson broke into the room of a young girl.

-Who the hell are you? - Asked the young girl

-We are from a…agency of…"supernatural beings…redistribution"…sort of…- Wilson said.

And then, Aaron and Wilson saw the corpse of that vampire, burned by one of the powerful devices they distributed in every window in every house in every damn street of the neighbourhood.

-Mission accomplished Wilson!-

-But what the f*ck are you talking about? - The young girl said looking very angry

-Well…we kind of killed that vampire, you know…- Wilson replied

-Vampire? Yes, but that was my boyfriend Evan! You killed my boyfriend!-

And then Aaron and Wilson flee from the scene as fast as they could, returning to his vehicle, surprised by the reaction of that girl.

-Vampire boyfriend? - Wilson questioned while Aaron turns on the car.

-I know! I know! That freaking book has changed all the business!-

And the lesson here, kids is...first ask, then active the electric tramp device thingy...or something like that.

The End