It starts with one.
One harsh word,
one mean glance,
one cruel rumor.

It starts with one on one,
one punch thrown,
one shirt ripped,
one tear shed.

It starts with only one,
one sitting alone,
one wishing for acceptance,
one hoping tomorrow never comes.

It starts with one idea,
one sneaking thought,
one nervous breakthrough.

It is one,
one small room with
one lonely boy with
one small hand with
one bottle of pills with
one beginning,
one end.

It ends with one,
one twist of fate,
one flash of intuition,
one true friend,
one car driving,
one knock on the window.

It ends with one,
one tear-stained hug,
one bottle thrown away,
one night of outpouring souls.

It ends with
two friends and
two hands held and
two mouths smiling.

It can end with

it can end with