~Roll to Me~

~Chapter One: Lena~

Righto Folks, unless you've been living under living under a rock for the past month, you will know that we are in the midst of a searing heat wave. We've had some of the hottest days this summer and today was no exception. So remember, to beat the heat don't forget to keep hydrated and.......

I violently pushed the 'off' button on the car radio and the presenter's announcement came to a screeching halt. I didn't need the dulcet tones of 'Will the Weatherman" to know that it was hot. I was living proof that today someone had swapped the sun for a furnace.

In fact, it seemed that whoever was 'up there' had decided that today was 'dump on Lena Maltrovsky day'. Stubbed toes, missed appointments and a truckload of paperwork had filled my day. To make matters worse, my asshole of a boss, Samuel, had added 'servant, maid and all round lapdog' to my job description. I was the only woman in the office so of course it was up to me to take coffee orders, face the scorching sun and collect said orders and then dispose of all empty cups. My hair that I spent over an hour meticulously styling before work was now a collection of frizz atop my head, my makeup had melted during my coffee expedition and my car air conditioner was broken. I was having a bloody brilliant day.

Fortunately I only had to grab a few groceries before I was on the way home. I was in desperate need of a cold shower, some comfort food and a good book. Unfortunately, I thought the worst was over.

How wrong I was.

The car park was packed. I sighed and looked down at my watch. 5:36PM. Everyone seemed to have had the same idea as me; finish work and get the groceries. Or maybe everyone was stocking up on icepacks. Whatever the reason, I knew the chances of me securing a park any time soon were slim to none.

I drove aimlessly around the car park for about fifteen minutes. Beads of sweat had formed on my forehead and threatened to spill and trickle down my cheeks. I could feel pools of sweat forming patches under my arms. I let out a longwinded groan. I could be here a while.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a couple make their way towards a parked car. I quickly stalked them until they eventually stopped at a small blue car. I flicked my indicator on and breathed a sigh of relief while they loaded their groceries into the boot. They eventually finished and slid into the car. They were mid-reverse when I saw a jet black motorbike whip past me. The couple drove off just in time for me to witness the motorbike pull into my space. I slammed on the brakes to stop my car ploughing into the bike. I let out a string of profanities and hit the steering wheel in frustration.

What was this? Asshole day?

I normally considered myself a placid person but everyone has their limit and judging by the anger billowing in the depths of my stomach, I think I had just reached mine. I wrenched the gear stick into park and applied the hand break. This 'spot-stealer' was about to get a piece of my mind.

"Excuse me?" I sat rather loudly once I had exited the car. "Didn't you see my blinker?"

The motorbike rider, presumably male judging by his clothes, had his back facing me, his head bent and was searching through a leather saddle bag attached to the back of the motorbike. I didn't know if he was ignoring me or the helmet made it hard to hear but he didn't register my presence.

"Excuse me?" I said a few decibels louder.

Still no answer.

I couldn't believe what I did next. My mind seemed to take on a life of its own because before I knew it, I was standing behind him and 'knocking' on his helmet.

"Anyone in there?"

The knocking seemed to get his attention. He looked up and took a step back. He slowly slid his helmet off and tucked it under his arm. A look of distaste appeared on his face. He clearly thought I was some sort of crazed woman. As a matter of fact, I probably looked like a crazed woman.

"Can I help you?" he asked slowly, accentuating each word. Great, add 'retarded' to the crazed woman list.

"Uh, yes you can actually. You see, you stole my park." I said, indicating towards my car and its still flashing indicator.

He looked over at my car and smirked.


Oops? This bastard had the cheek to say oops to me?

"Well, I'd appreciate it if you'd move."

His look was enough to tell me that he had no intention of ever doing that.

"Look lady, you snooze you lose. It's as simple as that. There's no rule or law against me accidently taking your park." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"It's called common courtesy you jackass," I spat. "Most people these days have some."

I saw his eyes narrow. I don't think he liked being called a jackass.

"Listen you crazy broad, why don't you go home and PMS to your poor boyfriend," he snapped.

"Or, you could just move?" I retorted. He snarled. He was getting angry.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked rudely.

No. I had no idea. Was he royalty or something? This made me feel ill. I wondered if beheading was still legal.

"I'm Todd Sparks."

I still had no idea. Was the name supposed to ring a bell? He must have noticed the blank expression on my face because he sighed, rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his hair.

"Todd Sparks? Calvin Klein model and newly discovered actor?"

He was a model? I studied his face. He actually wasn't that bad looking. I guess his first impression had soured any 'admiring' thoughts I would normally have. He had a strong jaw and deep set dark brown eyes. His hair was quite shaggy and jet black. I couldn't work out his nationality. He almost looked half Spanish, Half African American.

I was about to ask about what movie he was staring in but remembering his earlier PMS statement settled for "I'm sorry. All I see is an arrogant jerk."

Again, I don't think he was used to all of the insults. I'm sure most people normally worshipped the ground he walked on. Whatever the case, I was tired and cranky and just wanted a car park.

"It's simple. You either move now or-"

"Or you'll what?" he shot back at me. I saw a glint of evil flicker through his eyes.

"Or I'll move it for you. With force." I challenged.

He smiled smugly and folded his arms.

"You wouldn't."

Well, I was always up for a dare. I turned on my heel and strode towards my car. I slid in and slammed the door. I revved my engine and was pleased to see a flicker of worry cross his face. I thought my engine revving would be enough to show him I was serious but he didn't want to back down. Boy was he stubborn.

I don't think I ever actually intended to hit his bike but my subconscious would perhaps disagree. Suddenly, I had lurched forward and the bonnet of my car had come into contact with his bikes saddle bag. It felt like just a nudge but it must have been harder because the whole bike toppled over. I heard a smash as one of the rear-view mirrors shattered.

I looked up at Todd. His mouth was agape in horror and shock filled his eyes. His eyes eventually met mine but he was unable to speak.

I smiled sweetly, "Oops!"

And that is how I spent the night in jail.

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