Ashamed Of My Innocence / Scratched Eyeballs

My eyeballs feel like they're being scratched by razorblades
As I see you committing sin beside the sweet angel who conceived
Your presence and I ask myself if this could be a mirage similar to when
A leaf rested in the middle of my wretched ocean only for me to
Discover it non-existent when I swam closer for authenticity review

But I shouldn't be so astonished and dolorous in this period of
Extreme capriciousness because never has the skin of life
Been so burnt and inspired to recover by embonpoint anathema,
However, I had confidence in your vision of stepping past the
Edge of eternity and knowing that only maggots dwell in garbage

And it was you that encouraged this susceptibility of mine not to
Ever be ashamed of my innocence which hypnotised me to carve
A role model using all future confabulations, but now after this occasion,
The compass I hold in front of me points south, signifying that
I should instantly make my heart the place of authority and lesson instead

And even though I don't want to seem haughty, I currently discern that you're not
Respectable enough for my friendship, therefore I will now rip the skin and muscle
Away from your collarbone, then throw you like a boomerang out of my life and if
You manage to come back to me as the instruction booklet promises, then I will interpret
Your regret as legitimate, but until that moment, I'm washing your DNA off my hands.