The snow covered in a blanket and icicles formed on the gutters. The Trees branches slopped down, snow descending off of it. A Street light glowed beneath the sheet of Ice. No birds sang like in the Early Spring, no bee's buzz around the lavender bush. I was warm by the fire, covered in a blanket, and reading a book.

I looked down at my watch, only five o'clock but if you looked outside it was dark, as dark as mid-night I thought to myself. I was getting tired; I was warm and had a big dinner, since it was Christmas Eve. I had a roasted Honey ham, home made mash potatoes and brown gravy, and Green beans seasoned with jonnies and salt. For desert a friend of mine baked a cherry pie, while I backed an Apple pie. We had it with a cold glass of milk and put cinnamon on it. It was a big meal but friends and Family came to share the memory.

In the morning, present would be under the tree from everybody who would be at my house after the party. Right now I was the only one who was at the house, besides my neice and nepew fast asleep the others were going to Christmas shop and get all of the great deals since Christmas was tomorrow. It was starting to get late, hours passed and I began cleaning the house for the morning, just to pass the time and also because there would be lots of pictures and the back ground shouldn't be so dirty from the dinner on such occasion.

I went to bed at eight, before the others were even home yet, they must have found great deals, I thought. It was black Friday so everyone was waiting outside the shop doors to get in. My niece and nephew were already sleeping and they would wake me up in the morning, most likely early, so I decided I should get some rest.

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" I opened my eyes blinking and rubbing away my early blurred vision. A girl with long brown hair and a pink silky night gown and bunny slippers appeared first and then a little boy with blonde hair and dinosaur footings followed her. "It's Christmas" they cheered together, obviously excited about it. I sat up and yawned.

I saw movement and shadows in the hallway; everyone had probably already woken up. As I too walked down the dark hall, I could see gathering around the Christmas tree, the blue lights reflecting off of the ordainments. Impatient everyone tried to hold back their excitements and smiles. "Alright everyone, I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and say our schedule; First will come presents and then we will do stocking's, last will be are feast, the big Christmas dinner!" I grabbed the first present of the many, it had blue Penguins and red bows on them. It had glitter from the tree on top of it and a few pine needles from the tree.

"This first one is for Kyle. My nephew stood up and practically leaped to the front grabbing anxiously at the present and ripping the wrapping off of it. His face lit up with delight. It is a Play School brand school bus with little figures filled with air included. The second present was yellow with butterflies on it. It was for Sierra. She walked impatiently toke the front of the room and sat down as I handed her the present. She took off the bow and put it on her head with ribbons flowing off of it. She found the tape and pulled it of and unfolded the paper. It was a set that showed you how to bejewel pants, and anything it was capable of handling. Ohh, she smiled hugging it against her chest. I grabbed the presents one by one and watch them get attached to their gift. One Present was left, everyone had already got a present; except for me. "It is for me, what it could be?!" I opened the violet gift wrapping and took off the bow; A Journal, Black and White with words of inspiration on it tumbled onto my lap. My eyes danced around my mouth smiled as wide as it could go and I knew from that day, I was going to be an author.

3 Month Later

I was now only Seventeen, but already alone in the cold fierce world. Alone, I hated the word, everything about it. I ran through a puddle, not stopping at the splashing of water against my torn jeans. I shivered and walked through the fog. I looked back at my past a lot, it was better I had a family, a life to live. Now, I was walking in torn boots and pants, rugged coats and shaggy long hair. Just carrying a backpack the only held two items; a pencil and journal. But it was much more then it seemed, it held memories of the days I was happy and out of the cold. I missed my family so much, but I couldn't go back, child services would catch me and through me into foster care. I kept telling myself that I didn't mind it, But I did, who wouldn't? I hadn't had time to get used to being alone; maybe it was because I wasn't really aloneā€¦

I wasn't, could admit that I had two family members left; my niece and nephew. It was that day that I couldn't understand; I had so many questions left with no answer. How did the fire start, the firemen said it was no accident? Why would someone do that to some one, we weren't rich, they had nothing to take? All I could be mad about was fear; fear of no family, no shelter, and no one.

When I made it to the temporary shelter I tilted my head and looked at it once more. The Wear-down cardboard box sat on top of a broken chair, and lamp pole. Instead of sitting on the wet ground we sat on a molding blanket. SO MUCH can happen in 3 Months, I thought to myself with displeasure. HELLO? Two dirty Heads peeked out from the darkness in the box. "Your back," they said in a high scratchy voice, failing there enthusiasm. Kyle wiped his eyes, and a tear escaped from Sierras eyes, they were read from tears. I went to them and hugged them to comfort them from their sadness.

"Did you get any food?" asked Sierra as she sniffed. "Umm, yes, I kind of did I guess" I stumbled with my words. All I brought home was half a pack of fruit snacks and a few grapes. They took 1/3 of them each and I ate a grape and, and saved two fruit snacks. It may have been the best food I have had in days I mumbled.

Hours later and still awake, it began to rain. Shhhhh, the hushing tone of the rain echoed, until it slowly faded away and I was lost in my dreams. I woke up to the sound of whimpering. I looked around and saw a small blonde dog, with dirt marks all over it's face. It was soaked to the bone and it was very skinny, looked as if it was starving to death. It wandered around the ally and then licked a small mud puddle in the corner of the ally. I looked up at the sky; it was probably mid-night or so and still pouring down rain. I got out of the small shelter carefully; trying not to wake up the others. I grabbed another cardboard box in a junk pile and set it over a small cloth, just big enough to hold the puppy. Then I lifted up the puppy and set in under the box along with one last fruit snack I had saved from the last meal, hoping to eat it in the middle of the next day for lunch.

The next morning I was awakened by the licking of a big, slobbery kiss. I opened my eyes, the blond puppy carefully licked my ear, it wasn't very strong, but it was strong enough to move and walk around. Kyle and Sierra awoke soon after me, more excited about having a puppy then I thought they would be. When I first saw the puppy, I didn't think I would be keeping it, just sheltering it, but when I saw their eyes light up I knew it wouldn't be easy to talk them out and they would hate me for it, so there was no battle to fight and we kept it.

That day I had more food from just walking around town then begging. We got an apple and banana from the grocery store and a small bone that I gave to the puppy, and then a pleasant passer roamed over to me and gave me a bundle of carrots they had bought at the Farmers market. It was going to be a good day, I thought to myself.